Wednesday, 18 March 2009

heavier than heaven

HEAVIER THAN HEAVEN - a biography of kurt cobain
written by charles r. cross
london, 2001

as you've (possibly) guessed before, this book is all about kurt cobain, the frontman of nirvana. he was famous for his music and his rockstar attitude, but the thing that had turned him into a living rock legend was, ironically, his death. he committed suicide in the age of 27 by shooting himself. in spite of his dark and tragic life, this book revealed all about kurt cobain, what influenced his personality, his secret thoughts, and also his unconditional love for his family. though you're not a nirvana person (just like me) you can still enjoy the book and try to see the world from kurt's unique perspective.

he looked damn so cool here!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

middle-march melodies

hopla! soo long time no post. yea, with all these brainstuffing exams (just 3 more days and it's temporarily over!) and my snail modem X( anw if you've noticed so far, maybe this is the very first time i type here in english. not that i'm in an attempt to be like cinta-laura-KILL or what (fyi, i saw her blabbering about that KILL, NOT KIEHL stuff on tv). just trying to improve my english, i think. well i think i could also consider this as a practice for my english national exam, since my english teacher once told my whole class to use and practice speaking english as often as you can bla bla bla. alright enough with this nonsense forewords.

no story really worth to be shared this month. mm lemme see.. last week i had my premiere driving lesson with a friend and with my dad 2 days after. my first driving attempt was so much a disaster that i almost crashed a small kiosk, but fortunately i could get my foot on the brake in the right time. second driving lesson, almost no progress at all. all the thing i did was just turning left, turning right, retreat, that's all. sooooo boring that i almost fell asleep while "driving" hahah

i've also watched some movies this lately. i gonna make some kind of review then.. 

- Marley & Me = i found my eyes wet when reading the book months ago, and i just felt the same with the movie. it was so touching i cried a lot (again). and fyi, i went straight to PIM to watch this movie right after i finished SIMAK. it was a REAL hell that i couldn't do ANYTHING. just looked emptily at all the questions and drew some meaningless doodles on the questions sheet. the result gonna be published on april 4th and surprisingly, i've got no angst here. que sera sera, i don't expect much with my super-idiotic test result. i just need to know as soon as possible so that i don't have to think about UI and all its stuff anymore!

- Kambing Jantan = pretty entertaining, but frankly speaking, the overall movie was below my expectation. i enjoy sooo much reading all the 4 books, but i simply couldn't feel the same way with the movie. it was hilarious at first, but later it became so boring and even mooore boring. well idk about the other watchers, but i myself don't recommend you to watch it. thousands of apologies, raditya dika X(

- Slumdog Millionaire = COOL! the whole plot was unpredictable. i like the way they created the storyline, unique and full of new improvements but still enjoyable. a bollywood project with a remarkable hollywood touch. but still, there was one extremely-obvious bollywood essence there : WHAT'S WITH THE DANCING SCENE? is there any indian movie WITHOUT dancing scenes at all? well well that's so rhetorical, i guess XD no dancing, no bollywood, right?

-Seven Pounds = i didn't have any plan to watch it actually, just a spontaneous idea after spending hours at aping's house. but no regret, the movie was awesome! the ending was super-unpredictable. the story itself was great, but finding a person like tim thomas is pretty impossible, if you ask me. and one big question : why'd will smith look soooo old there?

that's all. i've spent plenty minutes thinking what to type here. see you later, ciao!