Saturday, 19 January 2013

It's time

From the first day she opened the door, she has noted to herself :

The day will come when they no longer long for her presence,
When they look at her not as lover, but more as a loner instead,
When she's not the first person they message in the morning anymore,
When their chamber is too stuffed for her to stay,
The time when things start to gone in a different direction,

Then she'll be ready to pack her hopes and leave.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Vertical headline

I got stranded up between the clouds

Amazing view no one can describe with words
Mesmerizing, shining like some barricade of swords

Some people stay for way too long
Can't go on, can't see that it's wrong
And I surely don't wanna be one
Reach higher to the sun, that's what to be done
Eventually I see my loves holding me down
Do they also have to mourn?

(January 5th 2012, 3.14 AM
One of those insomniac nights when I overthought everything)

Friday, 4 January 2013

2012 in wordless reflection. Let the pictures shed the tears or burst the laughter

Fanka's requiem mass
February 2012 

 Beauty Class with Harumi Sudradjat as the first Pre Event of UIFW 2012
February 2012

Photoshoot for UIFW 2012 printed ad
March 2012 

Friendly Fires @ Soundshine. My one and only gig in 2012, I guess
March 2012 

Photoshoot with Ikatan Studi Jerman 2012 teammates
March 2012

Yelling competition for Olimpiade Ilmiah Mahasiswa 2012
May 2012 

One of the best part of the year : Thai trip with the kosans
June 2012 

Grand Palace, Bangkok
June 2012 

Some great dishes from mamak (Indian restaurant) in Kuala Lumpur
June 2012

RTC announcers batch 2010, team building @ Puncak
June 2012

June people's birthday dinner with Kosans ++
July 2012

Baby Steven, less than one month old
July 2012

Very first show of UI FASHION WEEK 2012, wardrobe by Nainsook
September 2012 

 One of those rare moments when we could take shoots during work
September 2012

Some kind of after party for UIFW 2012 committees @ Nindi's
September 2012

Those darlings without whom I won't survive living through 2012
September 2012

 RTC UI FM 14th birthday
September 2012

Top 13 Finalists of TRAX Hunt 2012
October 2012

MCing for Commartfest @ Rolling Stone Cafe
November 2012 

LOing for OSN Pertamina 2012. On duty @ Dermaga One Ancol
November 2012

Birthday dinner from the December people of OSN crew
December 2012

First and last photoshoot with the whole batch of German Studies 2009
December 2012