Wednesday, 31 March 2010

kings of making people feel convenient

Sunday, March 28th 2010
Ritz Carlton PP

A-Mild presented : 2010 SoundSation!

see the girls queue? geez...

opening performance by Hollywood Nobody

Sari from White Shoes & The Couples Company.
love her stage act

Jens Lekman : never knew about him before,
but turned out that he was total awesome

and finally,


*noisy applause on background*

and after lots of singing along and waving hands, they closed the show.
I appreciated Eirik a lot, due to the fact that he had flu and he insisted to perform. and he did just well!

after the gig with Aan, Samit, and Yurika

no other comment, the show was just WOW
I just can't wait for the next crowd :)

see you on May 12th! xxx

Saturday, 27 March 2010

sushi and satya for this week

welcome to the last week of March!

as I've told before, my highschool honeybunnies Irma Savitri Sani, Lidya Trilestari Kosasih, and I myself planned to meet up. so that was exactly what we do.

5W 1H
Who : Lidya, Irma, Vera, Yurika, and I
What : sushi all you can eat!
Where : Ra Sushi Citos
When : Tuesday, March 23rd
Why : because I miss them :)
How : got there with the help of Debora Bus. though the ride back to Depok was super horrible that I felt like being inside an old sardine can

Crab Salad. it tasted so good that I ordered about 3-5 plates just for myself.

Tamago Sushi. I had to convince the girls that the egg was well cooked. they kept on asking "Is that really chicken egg? How does is taste? Is it raw?" and so on and so on

call us crazy, silly, goofy, whatever. don't care as long as we still can laugh out together :)

anw thanks to my ducky Lidya for all the pictures!

now jump to Wednesday.

5W 1H
Who : Satya. Thia, Lely, Dewi, Uthie, Nuni, and I (sorry if I forgot someone)
Wha: Satya's jumping accident
Where : FIB, in front of library, exactly in the middle of the campus
When : Wednesday, March 24rd
Why : because she is Satya, doing something silly is like breathing for her :p
How : here's the chronology...

Satya and Thia walked on the short wall next to the pathway, pretended to be supermodels and waved their hands Miss Universe way. then Lely joined the craziness, and I started to take pictures.

see all their jeans : clean, spotless, hole-less, scratchless.

we laughed our ass off like there was no tomorrow. then someone (i totally didn't know who) started shouting "Come on you three JUMP!"

as you can see, the wall  is kinda high if you want to jump. and sane people would have respond "no" to that jumping suggestion.

but don't call us Germans if we are not insane (see Hitler? he was a very appropriate example). all the 3 of them almost jumped, but they stopped when a lecturer of us passed by.

she looked at them as if she had never knew them all before.

I counted 1 2 3, intended to capture the moment when they were really jumping. but when I hadn't even start with 1, Satya jumped...


she landed just perfectly, but a second later she fell on her knees and she rolled down the pathway. yes it must be pretty painful, but everyone kept on holding their tummy and laughing.

even after her cellphone flew out of her pocket, hit the ground, and scattered into pieces... we shouted shockingly, but then we simply laughed again, included Satya herself. oh my

then Thia shouted : "Satya jeans lu sampe bolong buseettt"
then we all saw her knee and it looked like this :

wanna try a new idea to DIY your jeans? try Satya's way then.

we tried to clean up the dirt from the wound, but it didn't seem to work I guess.

we ended up in the toilet, washing the wound. then we were about 20 mins late for the next class. thank God the lecturer was a total nice. we rushed into the class and tell the rest of our friends about what just happened. I ended that day being too tired for laughing and running too much.

that's absolutely why I love my life now. it's wacky tacky crazy, but that's the reason that keeps me expecting, what other surprises waiting for me ahead?

well, I just wanna say one thing.
enjoy your life. ignore all the minuses and focus on the pluses, then you can always start the day with a big smile on your pretty face.

see you with other stories! need to sleep now, it's already 2 AM now, geez.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

one week adventure

Monday, March 8th
came to RTC cabin, just because I didn't know what to do after classes ended. met up Shinta, Kak Bani, Kak Indra, and Kak Sasya there. those 3 oldies suddenly popped up an idea to go karaoke-ing in midnight. finally there were 7 people coming : all the 5 of us, Ai (my friend on German Studies), and Dewi (RTC producer)

here are some snapshots taken by Shinta. the entire album was already on my FB

stars of the night : Kak Bani & Kak Indra our boss GM

singing Demi Cinta - House Remix. everyone went wild

we started the wildness around 11 PM and had it ended at 1 AM. then we walked ON FOOT from Detos back to FT, just the 7 of us, midnight. geeeeezzzzz
I reached RTC at around half 2, then slept over there. after 3-4 hours of sleeping I went back to kost then walked straight to campus. I could barely concentrate, no doubt.

Tuesday, March 9th
was supposed to have class at 8-10, then 10-12 AM. just a brief moment before the 1st class ended, my next lecturer texted my classmate :

"Bis yang saya naikin mogok di jalan. Kelasnya ditunda besok aja ya bisa gak?"

My left brain said DAMN, while my right said HELL YEAH!

after a pretty long talk, I decided to get off to Citos with Winda and Lely. there was another Ladies Bazaar there, but the stuffs were not that great. then Lely and I watched Alice in Wonderland. frankly speaking, I don't really like it. the visual fx was great, but the whole plot was soooooo flat. at least that was what I thought.

we got back to Depok with everyone's all time favorite : DEBORA BUS. felt like riding on a sardine can. luckily I could set my feet on Depok's ground without any harm.

Friday, March 12th
took some pictures while walking back kost :

like Kak Odi has said, Depok seems so much like Forks these days

see the heart shape? love is really in the air

we found this at gang masuk Kukel. geez that was weird O_o
(fyi if you still have no idea what that was, lemme tell you : BRA)

have planned since long long time ago to see Wondershoe with Lely. but shit happened, as always. her driver was damn late. we left Depok at around 5-6 PM.
even worse, we were stuck in a massive traffic jam for about 2 hours.
much worse, no one knew the right way to the store.

so we spent another hour driving around West Jakarta, passed the same street over and over again until Lely and I realized that we've passed the store TWICE and didn't notice it. holy shit.

after seeing the store I instantly screamed HALELUYA!

they didn't only sell Wondershoe's there, but also some other clothing lines. after we finished with the shoes rack, I looked at the clothes and pants. and see what I found there : it was a boxer, with CONDOM attached on it. see the bottom right corner?

whoever created this, I've got to admit that he/she was ultra creative

and they were the stuffs I bought : a peep-toe flats and an animal print bag

felt kinda happy, though we were super duper late. I arrived home at 11 PM and was too exhausted to move another more part of this body.

I'll be back with another story, adios!
kisses x

Sunday, 7 March 2010


okay, I'll just spill it all out. so many thoughts running around this brain.

last Saturday, March 6th 2010 : done with 1st announcer evaluation. finally, after those long endless training and mentoring, we were supposed to use them all in such a real situation, like when we're really speaking in radio.

and fyi, I did some stupid cap goblok mistakes. all I can do now is sit, pray, and wait for the results.
here are some snapshots of 2010 announcers :
1st training with Kak Wem, around the end of January
(front : Jay, Sodik
middle : Nadya, Saurin
back : Argi, Crupi, Me, Titis, Aldi, Hasbi, Nissa)

last training, waiting for mini evaluation
(clockwise from bottom left :
Aldi, Jujud, Moldy, Me, Manda, Odi, Bre, Mayfree ketutupan, Saurin, Mimi)

and now, about some upcoming plans. lemme summarize them here :
- Friday, March 12th : Wondershoe with Lely, and maybe some other germans. crossing my fingers, hopefully they still have that red suede moccasin.

- Tuesday, March 23rd : meet up with my babi 2 Irma Savitri Sani and my ducky Lidya Trilestari Kosasih. planning to try AYCE combo @ Ra Sushi Citos.
 @ JJF 2009. geez that was already ONE year ago.

- Sunday, March 28th : KOC live in Jakarta! superdamnthrilled to see them with my own eyeballs
- and some other minor plans blah blah blah et cetera

now, about something boring.

coincidentally, this afternoon I met an old friend of my ex. we didn't make any appointment at all. thanks to twitter, I knew that we were heading to one same place so I told her.

it's been 6 months since the last time I saw her. so we talked a lot about univ life, some light gossips, some chit chats and window shopping at a store. then we talked about her ex and (of course) mine. she told me some unexpected facts.

after hearing what she had said, I suddenly thought : whoa. Thank God for everything.

I'm just feeling glad that God had given me the best way, though it was so fuckin distressing at first.
I'm glad for what I have right now. no BF, no love, no crush, but I still have all my besties here. and they worth much much more than I'm supposed to deserve. love you all pals :)
and I'm glad that I've spilled everything here. sorry if this post sounds kinda trashy, but I just need a place to put all these rants on.
anyway, I don't want to offend anyone here. please note that one.

I'll just wait, until the right one comes into my life. I believe that someone's waiting somewhere *start to feel overmelancholic*

that's all for tonight. need to sleep for tomorrow's PKJ presentation. GEEZ

good sleep people, love you.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

bye bye

Sunday, January 28th 2010 : I'm saying a temporary goodbye to my beloved hard-to-grow bang. lucky that I've snapped some last picts with it.

anyway, if you wonder how could that happen, well please blame my stoneheaded hairdresser.
I knew him since I was like 5 yrs old, and still, until now he can't understand that this is ME having MY OWN hair.
no single right in this world that he has over my hair, please.

10 - 15 minutes before...

... and the disaster was coming closer...

and now, I look exactly like this :
sooo many many people said "Whoa yuk you look few years younger!" "You're so cute, just like your high school look!" well, whatever. I still hate it.