Sunday, 29 August 2010

I feel... nothing

recently did this to the empty walls in my kost room :

FYI, 104 is my room number.
I know it's just too plain, but couldn't find any other idea to make my failed lomo picts and movie tickets more useful.

and this one, are ALL of my movie tickets since December 2006. 

see? some have even faded that I kept them in my wallet for too long

here goes my point for tonight :
as I moved my eyes through the tickets, then I read the movie title, each movies threw my mind straight to the moment I watched them.

when I saw Rush Hour 3, I remembered watching it with Irma, Putri, and AT @ Setiabudi 21, still in our Sanur & CC uniform. then I walked down to Starbucks to get some caffeine kick.

there I found a group of kids, and turned out that they were orphans and the baristas were teaching them basic lessons like english and math. so I joined them and that was somehow fun.

until now I still wish to meet them again and have another mentoring session, but never get the time (and the perfect companion) to go there again :(

when I saw Quickie Express, I remembered watching it with Puput Danah and Aping, right after last day of exam and I cut off my bang like THIS


when I saw I Know Who Killed Me, I remembered Irma, my forever and ever sweetheart *backsound : unyuuu* we watched it in MetMall, that was the only film that (we thought) the most sane enough. turned out that Lindsay Lohan was a total garbage there.

after I saw these photos, I thought :
ampuni kami Ya Tuhan.....

when I saw Wolverine, I remembered Noni, and the way we squealed and hugged each other everytime Hugh Jackman appeared on screen. yea yea, speaking about ababil...

when I saw Crank 2, I remembered Puput. then I bursted out into laughter. I remember we watched this at DjakTer right after school. we decided to watch it because of Jason Statham, then after the movie started, we just couldn't stop commenting on the scenes :

Itu dia berapa juta kali ngomong f*ck dah?
Waaaa itu Chester Linkin Park kan?
Hah dia gituan di pacuan kuda??? WANJIIIRRR!!!
and so on and so on..

and of course I remember that we even broke the sofa due to too much laughing. when the light was turned on, tau2 kita liat pegangan tangannya COPOT GITU AJA.

how I miss menyek2in your cheek Put! <3

then I saw Kambing Jantan, and I instantly remember my ex and our first date.
I compared it to our own real story, then felt amazed of how amazing coincidence would be.

Kambing Jantan version : Dika studied in Adelaide, Kebo in UI, majored Chinese Studies. they broke up after Dika moved to Aussie.
my version : He is now in Sydney, me in UI, majoring German Studies. broke up before he left to Aussie.

i felt like, GEEZ?

saw Night At The Museum 2, remembered him.
saw Race To Witch Mountain, remembered him.
saw Public Enemies, remembered him.

my head was full with all these sudden memories, but deep inside? I felt nothing.
I stared at them once again, still nothing.
maybe it's true that time heals everything.

well, is it a sign for something... or nothing?

Monday, 16 August 2010

food explorer on duty : Kitchenette!

just gave a try to Kitchenette this afternoon. before I start, the picts below were taken by cellphone camera so pardon the bad quality. however you can see better images and more details about the resto here

Kitchenette is in Plaza Indonesia Extension, I forgot in which floor it is pokoknya di bawah2 deh. located next to Louis Vuitton and Tod's, to make it easier to find.

the most remarkable thing is the interior. looked a bit like The Apartment (see my previous post), but only the kitchen part. well managed with nice concept.  they also have an open kitchen, so you can see how your dishes are cooked.

enough prologue. let's start refreshing your eyes.

the menu list

forgot the name, but it contained strawberries and kiwis (as you can see -__-)
and tasted simply good

matched my ring! *gapenting sih emang*

I was interested by this, then decided have a regular plate of salad...

and voila, this was it
romaine lettuce with turkey bacon, croutons, corn, and caesar dressing.
 as a salad maniac, I could say this one tasted GREAT

RATED : (based on personal opinion)
interior : ****
food : ****
service : ***
price : ***
(bit pricey, but worth the great taste)
TOTAL  : 3,5 out of 5

finished with the scrumptious meal, gada kerjaan, foto2 bentar lah ya 

the pictures above were at a salon, waiting for mommy and her new haircut. you know who started the photo session there?
nobody but DADDY.

quoting my sister's tweet (@deaadila) :

"Ya Tuhan, bokap narsis bgt. Bosen nunggu nyokap nyalon dgn PD nya foto" pake BB. Gue tau skrg knapa @yukeadora narsis gitu. Turunan -_-" "

yaa gak heran kalo sekeluarga gw banci foto semua. zzzz

well then, that's all. I'll just be back with other foody reporty, hope it's informative yet useful enough :*

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

august playlist

sharing 20 enjoyable songs of this month, based on personal opinion. hope you enjoy it as well :)
list was typed in random order

Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare
Avenged Sevenfold - Danger Line
Love The Way You Lie - Eminem ft. Rihanna
K'Naan ft. Adam Levine - Bang Bang
Maroon 5 - Misery
Plain White T's - Rhytm of Love
Taio Cruz - Dynamite
Sean Kingston ft. Nicki Minaj - Letting Go (Dirty Love)
Professor Green ft. Lily Allen - Just Be Good To Green
Big Boi ft. Cutty - Shutterbug
Chiddy Bang - Opposite of Adults
Slash ft. Fergie & Cypress Hill - Paradise City
Secondhand Serenade - Something More
DJ Earworm - Like, OMG Baby
Neon Trees - Animal
Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me
2 AM Club - Worry About You
Pitbull - Maldito Alcohol
Stromae - Alors On Danse

(direct translation of Selamat Mendengarkan  :B)

Monday, 2 August 2010

otak tengah

Aktivasi otak tengah adalah  suatu penemuan fenomenal dalam pendidikan anak. Teori penggunaan otak tengah sebenarnya telah banyak dilakukan pada banyak negara negara di Asia terutama Jepang. Jepang telah lama melakukan praktek aktivasi otak tengah pada anak-anak.Seorang anak yang telah diaktivasi otak tengah akan memiliki kemampuan lebih dibandingkan dengan anak yang otak tengahnya belum di aktivasi.

Kemampuan yang akan dimiliki anak setelah aktivasi antara lain :
  • blind fold & skin vision (penglihatan kulit)
  • berjalan dengan mata ditutup
  • melihat dengan menembus benda lain
  • kemampuan prediksi

Training aktivasi otak tengah telah mulai dilakukan di Indonesia. Saat ini belum banyak orang yang mengetahui keberadaan dari training  ini. Training biasanya dilakukan selama 2 hari. Pada saat itu juga biasanya dilakukan training untuk para orang tua.

Jadwal training di Jakarta & Depok bisa dilihat dengan mengklik hyperlink.

(interested? I am.)

Sunday, 1 August 2010

I believe "nyasar" is my middle name

tonight's post is specially dedicated for Fira & Bandoro, who have just witnessed my hidden talent as, well, some kind of compass-wrecker.

the whole disaster happened on Friday, July 30th 2010.
started at Depok, around 3 PM.

Fira and I asked Bando's favor to take us to Emax Kemang. we were supposed to get there at 4 PM since Caca and her band performed exactly at that hour. and here's our conversation inside Bando's car :

Bando : "Yuk lo tau jalan ke Kemang kan?"
Fira : "Jiaah Yuke lagi ditanyain, jalan ke rumah sendiri aja dia gak afal hahahaha"
Bando : "Hah serius? Hahahaha!"
Me : "Sompret lu fir. Eh emang lu gatau jalan ndo?"
Bando : "Kagak."
Me : "Lu juga gatau lagi fir?"
Fira : "Kagak."
Fira & Bando : "KAGAK."

hal pertama yang terlintas di otak gw : MAMPUS.

so I instantly called my dad. thank God I was born from a GPS-brained man (though I didn't get that gene at all T_T).

my dad explained all the detailed way from Depok to Kemang. I repeated every single word he said so that Bando and Fira could hear it too. but after I hung up the phone :

Bando : "Jadi abis ini kemana?"
Me : "Lah emang daritadi gw ngomong lo gak denger?"
Bando : "KAGAK."
Me : "MAIGAT."

lucky that I still remembered some important points. but turned out that it wasn't enough to prevent the upcoming catastrophe.

Me : "Loh tadi harusnya belok kiri!"
Fira : "Tadi kayaknya satu arah deh yuk."
Me : "Terus gimana dong ini?"

so I called dad, again :

Me : "Pi ini arahnya bener Mampang Prapatan kan?"
Dad : "Iya. Pokoknya kalo udah lurus kamu belok kiri aja."
Me : "Nah tadi belokannya kelewatan pi. Gimana dong?"
Dad : Pokoknya kalo ada belokan ke kiri langsung belok. Tar tinggal tanya orang kalo Kemang lewat mana."

we did as daddy said. then :

Bando : "Eh ini yakin lewat gang gini? Belok mana nih?"
Yuke : "Udah ikutin mainstream aja. Liat mobil2 di depan pada kemana ikutin aje."
Fira : "Ikutin mobil depan! Gw yakin dia mau ke suatu tempat, mau ke Kemang juga pasti."

then not long after that, the car stopped in front of a house.

Me : "Iye fir dia mau ke suatu tempat, KE RUMAHNYA."

and then, new disaster came : the path was VERBODEN

so Fira got out of the car, tried to ask someone about the right way. I stayed in the car to help Bando retreating the car.

Bando : "Kiri masih jauh kan?"
Me : "(liat belakang) Jauh2. (nengok ke depan. then : CRIEEETTTT)
Bando : "APAAN TUH???"

see this pict, and you'll see what happened. mobilnya ngebaret tembok aja gitu -___-"

we finally got out of the tight pathway. but always, shit happens.

1. macet parah
2. mau belok kiri, tapi gara2 semua lagi celeng akhirnya Bando gajadi belok dan tetep lurus. sementara lurus itu adalah ke arah Menteng Kuningan
3. mau belok di belokan selanjutnya, terus ketutupan bis sekolah, jadi kita gatau ada belokan ke kiri

after 2 hours inside the car, with huge nervousness and massive panic attack. we finally made it to Kemang. 

di saat orang normal nyetir 2 jam bisa sampe Bandung, kita cuma bisa sampe Kemang. fine -_____-

lucky that Caca's performance was postponed until 5 PM. so right after we arrived, the performance started.

Dear Lord, there's only 2 things I desperately wish :

1. hilangkan kutukan nyasar dari diriku Ya Tuhan. udah 5 ORANG yang jadi korban nih!
2. semoga gak akan ada korban ke ENAM


FYI, there's one part of conversation that I have to highlight :

Bando : "Heran deh, biasanya kalopun nyasar gw tinggal raba2 dikit tar juga pasti sampe. Kok hari ini feeling gw tumpul ya?"
Fira : "Gara2 Yuke kali. Yuk kayaknya lo terkutuk deh, setiap siapa yang nebengin lo pasti nyasar. Caca yang gapernah nyasar aja bisa nyasar sama lo. Hahahahhaa"
Me : "Oke gimana kalo gw turun aja sekarang? Mungkin kalo gada gw lo berdua bisa langsung sampe Kemang? Kayaknya beneran deh gw ada kutukan nyasar..."