Sunday, 27 September 2009

new chapter of life

insomnia takes over my head, again.

first of all, so sorry that i didn't update this blog like, hundreds years long. so many things passed in and out of my life, both pleasant and unpleasant, both important and unimportant, both general and extraordinary.

i gonna start with my univ life.

mm i entered my kost on Monday, August 3rd 2009. then started my first day in UI with some kind of choir practice and you know what, that was sooooo damn boring. imagine, approx. 5000 people inside one single room (it's kinda big, but still. 5000 people) singing from 8 am until 2 or 3 pm. i spent most of the practice days chatting with new friends, or sometimes sneaking out and hitting the nearest mall.

talking about the friends there, they're totally nice. long before, i heard from little birds that public universities were sort of discriminative. i was a bit scared, of course. i am a chinese and also a catholic, everyone nose that both are considered minorities. worries rolled around my head. will i be accepted there? will they treat me right? and other will-theys that i don't need to publish here. but the fact broke those prejudices. so folks, if you're considering to enter a public univ, afraid not. as long as you're willing enough to socialize and make friends, everything will be simply under control.

the lessons, well one thing you must know. even a great skill in german won't help you surviving in German Studies of UI. why oh why? it's the lecturers. most of them are too perfectionist or unpredictable or so damn moody. some seniors told me, even score B+ is considered a rare miracle. well i don't want to talk about this anymore. this topic really turns me down low. hope i didn't choose wrong, AMEN.

and now, maybe love life?

well, i'm back single now. on Saturday, September 5th 2009, we broke up. think it's not ethic to blabber up about all the reasons here. but the point is, we're simply not meant to be together. until now, i still save all his picts, his SMSs, simply all the stuffs about him. not that i'm still hoping of fixing up our relationship. i just think it's no use to throw all that away, i'll still remember him anyway (unless i suffer from some kind of amnesia or what). so i'll just let it flow. let time cure all the pain left. and btw, yesterday we were supposed to celebrate our 6 months anniv (yeah, i still remember that. i'm not that idiot or forgetful, you have to know that). but well, no use to talk about that. one thing for sure, i'll always wish him best of luck, wherever he is. though he won't ever come back home, though he'll forget me someday. he's already part of my lifetime history, no one can change that.

what else? mm maybe my recent looks

i just cut my hair today. at first i wanted short simple hair, without too much traps or layers or what. and the final result : i've got no traps, no layers, but still kinda too long. well, look at the bright side at least i won't look like a frickin mad artist or what. and about weight department, I GAINED 2 KILOS sheet man. i thought living in kost would help my diet program, but that only occurs to normal people, not a person with such head like me, if you know what i mean.

mm. i don't know what to say now. guess that's enough for now. see you with another update from my new chapter of life. yeah new, new as a university person and new as single again. it's 2.57 am now, i really need to hit the bed soon.

smooch people,