Saturday, 31 December 2011

last trumpet howl in 2011

It's 31 already. Routines do suck, but such thing like flashback and new year resolutions are still making enough sense to me. I'll simply make it extra quick since I've got something not-that-important-but-I-need-to-say-it-anyway to type.

.2011 recap
- Singapore blitztrip with the kosans
- N.E.R.D with Aan. one of the best scenes so far
- Another maker with radioslaves. Another tronton session *sigh

- UPH announcing competition, RTC was the 1st winner! #proudmama

- Santana! Sondre! Splendid

- Legal&Crime fashion show, The Perso official launch
- Livecoustic RTC

- Joined Delima, first official job (can't call that a genuine job, though)

- Taking a role on theater play for my final tests. Effin zuper.
- Celebrating 20th bday in hometown, grandpa & ma's 50th wedding anniversary, sadly had to miss RTC ingath @ Anyer
- Officially stopped gym. Oh well

- Missed Cranberries. geez. GEEZ

- Excursion to Mustang 88 FM
- Delima bazaar @ Rayakan Indonesia. Real def of "tiiiiired"
- RTC Bday @ Ichu's

What happened in Sept? Amnesiac, can't remember any #duh

- Bekasi Jazz Festival. MYMP in Bekasi #kapanlagidotcom
- Fashion Show Kulturfest 2011
- Backstage RTC! Float and Goodnight Electric on same stage. Ecstatic

- 20112011. File > New documents

Typing this. And smile :)

Uhm. 2011 was like, surprisingly quick and quickly surprising. Should I pick an analogy to describe it best, it would be a lightbulb I guess. At some moments it was bright slash brilliant, and then just seconds after, I'd feel like someone clicked the light away and I fell down to the darkest darkness. It only took brief period of time to be happy, then a briefer one to make me 180-degree desesperado. Switching my day from :( to :) or vice versa was very easy, like turning the lights on and off.

Many things happen, many things I learn. Most important lesson : I learn to manage the time God has given me. He only gave me 24 hrs a day while I needed actually 100, with these things I need to concern here and there. Hence I must use it wisely and make any short second counts. Some might call me busy bee, sleepless ambitious beotch, whatever. You know what? I make use of every single hour in my days just to keep my mind occupied, to prevent me from thinking about unimportant insanities.

Most important, this last post of 2011 is intended for one particular person who never left any deep mark in my past and (super sadly) won't be any part of my future. But one thing, he's the one I embrace my present with.

Happy birthday to you, end of December. The earnest, nicest, wisest person I need the most.

I know I've been such a horrible pain in the ass. I knew it, and I didn't try hard enough to fix that. I'm sorry you have to stay stuck with me while actually you can bail out and snatch any better girl out there. Sorry for my childishness, my ego, my lack of time for us, my lack of affection for what's going on with you. Sorry that I was always the one to set the fire and you were always the one to compromise. Sorry for all the sacrifices. I don't worth it, not that much. And last one, sorry I don't have the guts to say these directly to you and typed it here instead. Yes, speaking of the scardy cat...

I'm quite sure you'll read this one day, either now or maybe years from now, I don't really give a damn about "when". The point is, I'm terribly sorry that I can never give my all. If only you and I were born ......... (you know what I mean). Sighness. Okay I don't want to talk about this anymore.

Well, forget my rants. No matter what awaits for us in the other end of this highway, I'm happy right now and I'm hyper thankful that I found a perfect remedy for my distressing days.

Thanks. ILDS
from your Snor-lacks that lacks of everything you want