Tuesday, 30 June 2009

zum Geburtstag viel Glueck

ROUND 1 : june 25th 2009, house, around 8 AM
got up after some smoochies from mum. no offense but ewh. my face was still damn oilyyyyy.
then opened up some gifts and gave a try on the cake. super yummy, especially the thick chocolate layers. slurp

yummy, isn't it?

thanks mom and dad for raising me along this 18 years.

the general birthday ritual. it couldn't even wait until i took a bath or at least put on a proper cloth instead of my sleeping outfit

ROUND 2 : out with BF, around 12 PM
got no idea where to go and so did he. spent almost an hour in the middle of jakarta's busy traffic. then an idea popped up in my head : i remembered once he said he wanted to try blenger burger. then deal, off to kebayoran.
after filling up my stomach with the giant mighty hot dog, he drove to raplas. something wrong with his ipod, so we paid a short visit to ibox. then did some dvd hunt, and walked to sency after. i was curious to see the spongebob fair there. i found a big cute spongebob doll and i WANT it like hell. but after i saw the price tag, well.. i forgot the exact number but it was around IDR 225.000 WTF. it's true what my friends say, it takes lots of effort to find cheap stuff in sency Xp
(anw i forgot to take any picts)

ROUND 3 : june 27th, bengawan solo MKG 3, around 6-7 pm
this one was unplanned actually. my first plan was PRJ, then dinner at amigos kemang. but the traffic jam was damn intolerable so daddy decided to turn back to gading. dammit can't i escape the gading routine even for ONE saturday? that upset me pretty bad.
i texted my BF, told him how unhappy i was bla bla bla. then he asked me whether i wanted him to come see me there. i said no but he insisted. then we ended up at bengawan solo. the first time i saw him that night i also saw his huge bag next to him. i've got no idea that he kept a cake inside! whoa. i imagined how could he bring the cake while riding his motorbike.

pardon the blurred picture, i took it with cellphone camera.

this is the only picture of us that i took. didn't find the mood to take any other haha

that's all from my 2009 birthday. adios xxx

Monday, 8 June 2009


it's 1.56 now
AND i still can't sleep
AND i need to go to school tomorrow
AND i haven't told daddy about that
so who gonna take me there, for God's sake?

well whatever, the thing occupying most of my thoughts is
i always sleep at 4 or 5 simply everyday, and don't think i don't know it's terribly bad for weight reduction program
3 weeks of holiday, and still NO PROGRESS at weight department.

now talking over love life. mm it's 2,5 months so far. i still think and rethink over some matters, both the importants and unimportants, bigs and smalls. it's like i always find something wrong, every time.
i can't read his mind. i can't find out what he would think about this. i don't know if this love will last forever (or whatever those love songs always say). but for now, my brain always seeks him and my mind always calls after his name X)

anw i just read riri's blog and I LOVE HER POST LIKE HELL. (you can read it here) it's damn touching, and i miss my friends even more now.
i can't imagine how my days would be without them
can't imagine how my tears would stop when they leave, one by one
can't imagine how pathetic i will be, when i realize that we won't ever be together again
okaay i still know a word called 'reunion' but IT WON'T EVER BE THE SAME
i regret that i didn't try harder to know them better than i've done.
now our two years of togetherness is over, and i probably won't see them again
gosh i'm crying now
thanks to Maria Bramanwidyantari for those beautiful words
(read this too. it's bianca's and i also love the post sooo much)