Thursday, 27 May 2010

see you there!

I've planned to be a total beach b!tch this holiday.
and this is my first stop :


can't wait for next Monday,
I'm too damn excited!

and can't wait to post the stories, too!

and can't wait to have fun with the Germans there!

well I just can't wait to BE THERE

Sunday, 16 May 2010

siapa bilang bagus selalu sama dengan mahal

for you accessories hunters, this place worths a try.
as you can see, they named the place Pasar Jaya, but most people know it as Jakarta Gems Center.

yes, it is a pasar. but don't worry, it's already well air-conditioned and clean.

precise location : don't know, somewhere around Jatinegara, Central Jakarta

when you got through the entrance, you will see dozens of ring stalls. no, not dozens : uncountable.
you know, rings with big gemstones and small diamonds on it. something that my dad love to wear, everytime and everywhere.

lemme give you a hint : this is the rings, before they put stones on them.

at first I thought the place was a total hell that I couldn't find nothing but big bold daddy-like rings. 
but after dad was done with his order, he took me to explore the place and voila! I found soooooo many many nice stuffs

2 zebra bangles plus some gold thin ones : IDR 25.000

gold indian bangles : IDR 25.000

don't know how to call these ones, but they costed IDR 50.000 for 2

and also a gold necklace : around IDR 30.000.

anyway one story about the last bangles :
after got back home, my family hit the streets again to another mall. then I saw the same bangles as those I've just bought. SAME shape, SAME color.

then I asked the shopkeeper
Me : Mbak yang ini berapa?
Mbak : 60 RIBU

yes. 60.000 each, when I bought them for 25.

well, just one simple lesson : Market is the now Treasure Box

Sunday, 9 May 2010

saturday splurge

as if I were some kind of president's daughter or what.
sorry dad, I know my bills won't be a pleasurable bday gift for you :(

but well, let's just forget the rupiah stacks and remember the fun part.
here goes the story...

2 PM : Announcer Team Building + Evaluation Result @ Pizza Hut Margo
the lunch itself was kinda late, since we had to wait for the table (and also for the jam karet friends). I ate just like a pig and laughed like a hyena

didn't know what to do after lunch but didn't want to leave so soon either. than decided to have some karaoke session @ Venus

too bad I'd got to leave earlier :( hope you guys enjoy the rest of the time!
well then, right after that I stopped by The Iskandar's regular weekend place : Gading -____-

9 PM : trying fish spa!
norak sih baru nyoba sekarang gini. but turned out that it was fuuuuunnnnn. didn't know why, but the fish tended to fetch my sister's feet and not mine

this is my sister's foot :

and these are mine :

ketauan kali ya kaki siapa yang paling dakian HAHA
and my sister couldn't help the itchy feel on her feet she laughed all the time. bikin malu dah zzz

well, that's enough I guess. gotta come back with another story, more important one.
and anyway, you all HAVE to try fish therapy! I tell you, you all HAVE to

Saturday, 1 May 2010

when two becomes one

my beloved highschool sweetie Meirna Roselina Widyanthie is getting married!
whoa, at first I thought this was an April Fool joke, but turned out that it's REAL!

wohoooo I'm still overjoyed about this one, seriously.

here's the summary of today :

3 PM : Wedding Ceremony @ CC Chapel - Menteng
Attendants : Me, Andin, Chacha, Riri, Shinta, Manda, Udin, Jeanne, Tessa, Sapi, Anne, Oneng, Popon, and some others (sori gak disebut semuanya gw lupa)

few minutes before the vow...

after the mass, taking pictures before leaving for the par par parteeehhh

then I drove with Udin's car, waited for Aping to pick me up somewhere in Pulomas. then headed her home, got dressed for the wedding party, and took some silly picts to spend time

7 PM : Wedding Party, Kelapa Gading Sport Club
Attendants : too many to mention -_________-

well, that's all about today. congrats Meirna & Ruben! wishing you a happy life with lotsa little kids around :)

And life is a road and I wanna keep going

Love is a river I wanna keep flowing

Life is a road

Now and forever wonderful journey

I'll be there when the world stops turning

I'll be there when the storm is through

In the end I wanna be standing

At the beginning with you

(At The Beginning - OST Anastasia)