Sunday, 15 January 2012

Maze, my mighty mate

This little rant today is dedicated to my private mate, my lifeless friend. Call him Maze.

13-inch Mac white, bought in July 2008. He's a vintage and I'm sorta proud. When everyone else is carrying their silvery glittery MacPro, I've got no shame dating with this old guy in public.

He's no longer a beauty by now. Just like human being, he's aging. Selling him is not a solution either. I've tried asking his value in an iBox about a year ago, and they scored him only like 1,8 Million or so. Like..... uhm. Better keep him home with me, with all the memories he's keeping #saelah

He has suffered lots of "sickness", here they go...

Cellotapes on left and right front side, the corner cracked (yea seriously) so I hold the broken piece with these tapes, hence it wouldn't be any tiny ugly hole there

Yellowy dirty spot on the trackpad. Well, guess I'll never get along too well with whites...

What's even worse? 3 months ago I accidentally splashed some amount of black coffee on the keyboard. Uhm nope, guess I poured it, to be more precise. Then my P, enter, and some other important buttons were not working. So as you can see, now I have to get along with this on-screen keyboard.

Another dirt mark...

And just minutes ago, I noticed that my webcam also stops working.

Well, that's my guy. My lifeless, non-hugable one, I mean.

He's definitely not the most sophisticated laptop on earth. In fact, he's in a poor condition because of the owner's carelessness, namely me. Why I'm writing this post, is simply as an expression of gratitude that he's still working after 3,5 yrs (and I'm using him right now, typing this stuff).

Lesson for you guys : Take better care of your stuffs. Most of them might not be bought by your personal expense, you got them from your papa or maybe from anyone else. Appreciate every single drop of sweat they wipe to give you those gadgets or whatever.

Oopsie. I'm pretty sure it's not a lesson-for-you-guys. It's for me.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

shameless publication due to excessive excitement

Well, if you paid bit attention to my twitter TL or FB page (or maybe, a small round black image on the right tab of this blog), you might see lots of posts about this one event I'm currently working on. Yupness, I started this with 6 other friends in October (can't recall the exact date) and right now there are more than 80 people plus many volunteers standing beside us, taking care together of our precious baby girl namely UI Fashion Week.

Under the tagline "United Integrated : Nation of Creation", we're aiming to unite all fashion interests in UI, arrange an event to gather up UI studentpreneurs, young newbie creativepreneurs all over this country, and also major well-known names in local fashion zone. Not only to give you nonstop shows that gonna make you ga-ga-gasp, our main goal is to endorse everyone who has passion for fashion but doesn't have the guts to take it more seriously as money-making machine. Fashion is a creative industry that never runs out of idea, and we would like to show you that with passion and strong vision, anyone can be a fashion sensation (it rhymes, yaayyy #flatface).

Until now I still can believe we've made it THIS far. Soooo excited slash proud slash happy I can't help not to share it out loud. Lots of big names have agreed to join our main event. Let me make it bold, it's A LOT, and BIG. So far we've got deals with several rookie designers and labels, and also Nikicio, Barli Asmara, Ichwan Thoha, Batik 118 by Dee Ong, Danjyo Hiyoji, Klé, Monday To Sunday, Dian Pelangi, Zevin Shoes, École (you might've seen them on SOGO counters all over the city), Trax FM, Hard Rock FM, Cita Cinta, Grazia, Looks Magazine, Geeks Bible,,, Mustika Ratu, Mesty Ariotedjo, Dian Sastro, Maudy Koesnaedi, Timnas U-23, Lookbooker Jakarta, and you know what sounds better than all those? We're still counting for more names! Gigantic yay to the ness!

'Course I can't make it without this amazing team. Without any intention of being solemnly humble or what, I'm nothing without their hard works. My contribution doesn't equal theirs, in any ways. Seriously, I won't be typing this post if I hadn't met them at the first place.

First of all, thanks to 6 other founders of this baby girl : Raldiano Fawzi, Argi Wibawa, Annisa Sylvia, Kya Fiddinie, Kartika Febrianty, Mustika Utami. I'm so thankful that fate has brought us together and made us come up with this brilliant radiant idea.
To my Creative Directors, Nindia Satiman and Raldiano Fawzi, for working so hard, going here and there, arranging dozens of meetings and dealings, keeping in touch with other crews, and other good deeds I can't mention them all. Feel so much like hugging you both right now.
Show Director Argi Wibawa & Gilang Ageng Sulistyo, Annisa Sylvia as Pre Event Coordinator, Zoraya Meizita, De Yogi Kosalania, Aquitanya Irfiandra, Putri Rezkita, Alexander Christyo Wibowo, Dandy Prakoso, and every single head and folk who've prepared the Pre Event very precisely. I'm feeling 100% optimistic about your work, let's rock in together in February.
Also to Ni Nyoman Nyla, Akbar Hardisurya, Kartika Febrianty, Tasya Kuswardani, Meutia Athaya, and all Sponsorship, Tenant, & Talent Folks. Thanks for the hard work from the very beginning. I owe you lads a lot.
To the folks that I haven't mentioned, it's not that I didn't acknowledge your work, I swear for God's sake. Each one of you is precious. I just can't manage to remember all full names of around 80 people, honestly dude.

It's not me showing off or bluffing up. It's simply me being too excited and too happy working with you guys, achieving this much. Let's grab MORE, we still have like 3 months to make it be-be-bigger.

Last but not least, here comes a small effort to sundul gan this event.
Kindly click the link to reach our website, Facebook, Twitter, and our online ticketing site (coming soon). Spread the hysteria bacteria dear #UIFASHIONFOLKS.

An out-of-topic intermezzo. I'm currently listening to Amsterdots by Afrojack feat The Partysquad, over and over. And also the whole tracks from Friendly Fires' albums, Friendly Fires (self titled) and Pala. Give em a shot people, these dudes really deserve a place on your iPod playlist.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Look into your eyes, imagine life without ya...

You want me to come over
I got an excuse
Might be holding your hand
But I'm holding it loose
Go to talk them we choke
It's like our necks in a noose
Avoid the obvious
We should be facing the truth

Start to think it could be fizzling out
Kinda shocked because I never really had any doubts
Look into your eyes, imagine life without ya

... And the love kickstarts again

It's the same old you, the same old me
You get bored and I get cold feet
Get high, get wandering eyes
Forget I've never ever had it so sweet
I realize what I got when I'm out of town
Cause deep down you're my girl in a golden crown
My princess and I don't wanna let you down
No I don't wanna let you down

Start to think it could be fizzling out
Kinda shocked because I never really had any doubts
Look into your eyes, imagine life without ya

... It kickstarts again

Example - Kickstarts
video taken from YouTube