Sunday, 31 October 2010

setelah 8 bulan tumbuh liar

panjang sepunggung, tanpa model. tebal mengembang, poni panjang hasil trauma potong rambut

... and

so what do you think people?
me love the new one, how boutchu?

Monday, 25 October 2010

akhir pekan bersama vampir

yes, I just got back from Bengkel Night Park, where you could see Vampire Weekend, real with your own eyeballs. woot woot!

for those who aren't really familiar with VW, it's an indie rock band from U.S. check out their profile here in Wikipedia or their official website.
and my recommended-to-download list consists of these :

Oxford Comma
Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
California English

anyways, talking about the concert ...

I actually didn't expect it to be über crowded, since many of my friends were clueless about what Vampire Weekend is. when I said : "I'm going to VW's concert." mostly they replied : "Huh? What the heck's that?" geez...

turned out that I was wrong. it was damn full of enthusiast youngsters I couldn't even move freely. I entered the gate around 6.30 PM while the show was started at 8, if I'm not wrong. so I took my time and looked around. they also sold VW T-Shirts. didn't buy any due to the fact that I'm recently broke :s

Horchata, the word on the 2nd line, is one of their song and also a drink's name. I don't know how it tastes. didn't bring too much cash, so I only bought a sandwich to fill up my empty tummy. sorry Horchata, maybe someday...

opening performance by Monkey to Millionaire, then voilá! EZRA KÖNIG!!!
screaming for him made me join the mainstream team. the venue was so full with many Ezra Ezra and Eeeeezzrraaaa echoing inside.

and by the way, I took all these picts with cell phone camera. had decided to left my camera at home and just enjoyed the gig to the fullest. so people, please pardon the blurs.

10.30 PM, concert was done

left to right : Samit, Pasti, Alex, Tasha, Dessy, Me.
plus Caca, she was somewhere else when we took this photo

I also recorded 2 songs, and below is Horchata.
story behind :
Ezra had already said "Thank you bla bla bla" and all the 4 of them had left the stage. after some series of typical "WE WANT MORE!" finally they came back and played other 3 or 4 songs. Horchata was the first track from their encore.

to summarize my writing, the whole gig was actually awesome. the lightning effect was spectacular, and the sound was super clean. Ezra sang so perfect, he could keep his voice stable from the beginning until the very end. besides, he was funny and communicative.

the minus point, it took about 45 mins only to do the soundcheck.
in the name of every living things in hell, that was like, DUH. pegel kali woy!

well, overall, I LOVE TONIGHT. it was a sweet escape to forget tomorrow's mid-test for a while.
shoot, got to study like, now. bye folks! :*

Saturday, 23 October 2010

terlena akan manis ... dan berujung ...

I'm tired of everyone coming and going, over and over again

Will you stay and say that word to me?
I don't care when or how, I just need you to say it straight to my face.
Please, just make me understand.

(taken @ Pantai Parai - Bangka, around July 2010)

Saturday, 9 October 2010

food review as an excuse for my long absence

almost a month since my last post. I didn't even have time to touch my laptop.
not because I joined too many events or committees or what. I simply studied hard and played much much harder.

and food is one of my sweetest escape when my head felt like exploding. (no wonder all of my clothes seem so tight these late months. fcuk off lah)

all I need to do was just call up a friend or two, then find a place to get my head chilled. found some nice places and scrumptious foods. gonna share them all here, hope they could reduce your stress level as well :)

Vienna Ice Coffee - Burger & Grill
iced coffee with vanilla ice cream and some whipped cream
(mine was without wc)
taste : *** out of *****
price : $ out of $$$$$ (read : unbelievably affordable)

Banana Choco Cheese Burger - Burger & Grill
sliced fresh bananas with choco sprinkles and cheese inside a burger bun.
served better with ice cream
taste : *** out of *****
price : $$ out of $$$$$

Hainan Chicken Rice - Malay Village
grilled bbq chicken served with hainan rice and some thin-sliced veggies
taste : **** out of *****
price : $$$ out of $$$$$

Cheese Fries - The Harvest
regular french fries with melted cheese. literally heaven
taste : ***** out of ***** (read : perfect)
price : $$$ out of $$$$$

Potato Gratin - The Harvest
baked sliced potatoes with thick cheesy cream.
forget the fat, hidup cuma sekali mameeenn *denial*
taste : **** out of *****
price : $$$ out of $$$$$

Bakmi Godog - Jalan Karangwulan, Semarang
authentic javanese noodle soup. 
served with chicken, meatballs, and some boiled veggies
taste : **** out of *****
price : $ out of $$$$$

Nasi Goreng Jowo - Jalan Karangwulan, Semarang
javanese fried rice. I didn't know what spices they used,
 but it tasted just great
taste : **** out of *****
price : $ out of $$$$$

Nasi Ayam - Simpang Lima, Semarang

steamed rice with coconut milk, chicken, sliced egg, sliced tofu, and sambel krecek (javanese sambal with fried beef skin).
they also served various satays e.g usus, telur puyuh, ati ampla, dll. you can add them up to your plate
taste : ***** out of ***** 
(as a thick-blooded javanese, I'm totally addicted to nasi ayam)
price : $ out of $$$$$
(if you noticed, I gave the label 1-out-of-5 to all Semarang dishes. 
bener2 surga makanan murah :3)

Calamari - Fish & Co.
deep fried calamari. I guess they used corn flakes to make it much crunchier
taste : ***** out of *****
price : $$$$ out of $$$$$ (gabisa sering2. tekor :s)

Apple Pancake - Cafe au Lait
2 small pancakes served with maple syrup and apple sauce (not shown in this pict)
taste : *** out of *****
price : $$ out of $$$$$

Es Pisang Ijo - Eat n Eat MKG 5

banana covered with green-thing-I-don't-know-what-it-is,
with shaved ice, cocopandan syrup, vanilla vla, and cheese
taste : *** out of *****
price : $$ out of $$$$$

I just started mouthwatering. brb off, gonna grab something to eat --> #rakus #gaksadarjam #gaksadarberatbadan