Thursday, 18 April 2013

I even have to struggle to snuggle

(#listening Maroon 5 - Daylight)

And the daylight is coming in a couple hours. Psychic iTunes.

Anyways, there's this one word that just came across my head and made me think like, that's it.

My recent life is all about struggling and fighting. If I may give some explanations :
- being an business student (while I was born to be world's #1 hater of numbers and econs)
- trying to lose weight, lots of it (I gained approx. 20 kilos during undergrad study, no exaggeration)
- have to stay at home, can only get out with parents or such (everyone knows I can't sit still, or maybe I can, in my sleep)
- trying to catch up with statistics accounting and such while trying not to forget my German after I stopped using it regularly (I'd be very thankful if you know a native German to be my sparring partner, PS : better if he's a HE who still likes a SHE, and good looking)

(#shuffled Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams - Get Lucky)

- still not knowing what I'll do for the future (corporate worker vs entrepreneur, given the fact that I don't even know what the heck I'm doing in a biz school)
- get rid of this laziness/labilness/little-sulky-kid-ness and grow up a little bit instead (that explains much already)
- fixing my sleep time (start to become more and more Batman-spirited and Panda-eyed at once)

(#next Take That - Back For Good)

- critical financial state (am currently earning nothing while I actually have a long bucket list, which includes getting financial stability)
- (still strongly related to above) stop buying online without thinking twice
- getting trust from Dad to drive by myself (I'm becoming 22 this June, DUH)
- come up with any improvement for this blog (I just glanced over my own posts and thought, nyet napa keliatannya gw galau bener.......)
- keeping myself sane (in the middle of school and stuffs)

(#now Justin Timberlake feat. Jay Z - Suit and Tie)

There's one other important point that I can't just disclose here.
And to close all those, I can't even shift to bed swiftly like other normal people. It takes double, triple, multiple effort for me to just close these tiny creaseless lids.

(#LastOneIPromiseYou Sting - Englishman in New York)

Well, that makes some additions to the list above : Find a cure for all those, either a what or a who.
(Deep down, I wish it's a who, if you got what I mean)

Legal alien (I'm a legal alien, woo oohh!)
(Man I love it when Isa Raja sang this song)