Saturday, 20 February 2010

ingin ini ingin itu banyak sekali

happy belated CNY dear people!
so how's your celebration and angpaos, got more than 6 digits? :)

aaaaanyway, after holding that red hot envelope on my palm, I felt a sudden impulse to gather some more Rupiah and buy all the things I've been hoping for.
yea yea, I feel so much like that Doraemon song. want this, want that.

just wanna share you top 15 of my wishlist right now :

1. a bank account, ANYWHERE
I always have problem on managing my own saving, since I don't have any bank account or even a piggybank. I just bring all my money with me anywhere I go, for the sake of emergency case.
so no need to explain why I need this the most, right?

2. Wondershoe!
click on to find out more about them. nice flats with super affordable price. girls gonna love them so much, I'm pretty sure.

3. Ladies Bazaar @ Citos
see it? definitely a paradise for shopaholics! I went there last Tuesday and found soooo manymany great stuffs like printed tops, T-strap flats, denim heels, big bags, and other more. FYI, it's not only on Wednesday, as most people might think. Tuesday stuffs are also mouthwatering :)

4. a session of full treatment
manicure, pedicure, cucure, lulure (read : cukur lulur :p) I simply want them all. living 24 hours 5 days in Depok really ruins me. if you take a look at my arms and feet, you'll see that I look like a half-panda-half-zebra now. seriously, I'm not exaggerating.

5. my own driving license!
pleaaaassseeee I need to improve my stoopid driving skill and get that goddamned holy card ASAP!

6. Celebrity Fitness @ Margo City
heard from Rissa that they're planning to open it soon. well I wish it's really true, since I need a place to move this jellylike body.

7. shopping spree
I'm thinking of trying some new stores instead of Zara, Forever 21, Nyla, Mangdu, or other Jakartaners favorites. I've found some nice stores on web but can't find any time to visit those stores. here are some of my recommendations : Mr Freddy , Retail Therapy , ClosetQueen STC, Mitchybelle STC.

8. some good books
am ultra craving for some books, like that one above. I'd like to read the book first before watching the movie (yes it was filmed in Bali. proud to be Indonesian haha :) ). and those books are also on my list : P.S I Love You - Cecilia Aehern, The Notebook - Nicholas Sparks, Titanium - Sitta Karina.

9. movie marathon
it's been months since the last time I stepped into a cinema. sooooo many movies I'd be dying to watch, all I need now is a companion. who's with me?

10. short trip to Bandung
the last time I went there was like 3 years ago, geez -____- would be extremely happy to visit Nanny's Pavilion, PVJ (yes, I've NEVER been there), The Valley, Happy Go Lucky, etc etc.

11. dinner @ The Apartment
don't know about the food, but I'm kinda interested about the interiors. find out about them here.

12. language courses
yes I simply need to take some courses before I forget tout le grammaire, todo los verbos, and those other tengtereng cangcingcong hiyaaatt! maybe on term break?

13. Pitbull in Jakarta!
Mr. Pitbull PLEAAASSSEEEE I beg youuuuu come here! I'll surely buy the ticket if you do! and dear sir Adrie Subono please please I'm waiting for the good news, my eyes are on your twitter timeline.

14. speaker for my Mac

15. new iPod Touch
as you might know before, I lost mine last September. right now I'm trying to save some money, hopefully I can get a new one *crossing fingers so tight*

voila, that's all. see you with other silly rants!
and anyway, have a great weekend folks :)

Monday, 1 February 2010

back to reality

heyya! I'm typing from my kost canteen, spending time after my today lectures ended.
yea, I've done my first campus day in 2010 and that was so fakkin exhausting. Depok's getting even hotter every single day, for God's sake.

mm hmm. maybe I'll just make a brief recap about my last holiday week. so far that was like my most hectic week in 2010, seriously.

Monday : after a loong loong waiting, finally I saw the word "disetujui" on my SIAK NG page! so it was official, 24 credits for this semester. gotta fight much much much harder, the next 4 months gonna be pretty harsh.

Tuesday : first heard about KOC's concert. I was so torn between "What else do you wait huh? COME!" and "Remember bout your financial management plan? NO MORE SPLURGING."

Wednesday : another training @ Engineering Center FT, then off to kost for Ipang's bday surprise. it was super hilarious to see him, all covered with eggs, flour, and Sasha Hairspray PINK.
too bad that I didn't take any pict of him, all the picts are on Ipang and Shinta. we were soooo happy, though Afid couldn't make it there. I imagined that it would be much much funnier if he had come with his pink cake and sweet Ahmad-Dhani-ish smile haha
after got done with the surprise, I went straight away to Airport. Daddy got back from Makassar and he brought like, tons of big crabs. maaannnnn they tasted just damn WOW.

Thursday : stay @ home, did slightly nothing. great news : I GOT KOC's ticket! WOOHOOO. I found so many friends of mine getting their own tickets too. just can't wait until March, see you Eirik & Erlend!

Friday : Airport, Ninis left to Pennsylvania :(

Saturday : Airport again, now sending Daddy away to Dubai. yes, 3 times Airport in a week, but never be the one who took the flight -_____- bon voyage pere, be good there, see you next weekend! <3

Sunday : bought soooo many many stuffs for my next weeks in kost, included a fancy legging and necklace that actually didn't make any good to my kost room. geez, I still couldn't make any progress on management department.
but anyway, I finally saw my kost mates again! we chitchatted until late night and I went to bed at 3 AM.

and now it's February already, time to get back to reality. hoping that my next days gonna be far better than today. see you with another randomness of mine, ciao!