Saturday, 19 November 2011

Say Sing-A-whaatt?

Nothing. I'm just reminiscing that good chilly January

The Anakkosans Go International Chapter 2 is about to be released, like, not really soon actually. Still have to wait and cross my legs until Summer 2012. By the time being, let's just flip through these old pictures while hoping that the next round will be damn more superb. Yo ho, let's sail the air! Ka pun kap!

The Timeline - when it all started...

part of Kulturfest 2011 : Junge Generation für unsere Zukunft
celebrating 50th Anniversary of German Studies UI
Wednesday, October 12th 2011

wardrobes by Forever 21, Legal&Crime, Esmod Jakarta
make up by Etude

photos by Dana Pranesthi Wening
I've edited some tints here and there

Sorry for the über belated post, but still, I'd like to thank everyone in this photo above (and also some people being out of frame). Crews, models, fitters, mannequins, and bien sûr all ye spectators! That might not be the best show ever, yet it surely was the best team I've ever involved in.

Good news is, this is just the starting point of our timeline. The show carries on, now in a way bigger scale! Another event with the word "fashion show" entitled in it. I guarantee you, it's not the corny prestige we run after. It's the pleasure.

Wait up in April 2012. We're about to stun this posh industry. Find out more here