Monday, 20 June 2011

fable, fact, or f*ckin' nothing

The cast
One bulky sparrow that always dreamed to be a dove. Why? A dove was always destined to have at least one lover in life.
One eagle, brokenhearted by a playa parakeet in the past, looked for a lifetime soul mate, yet it ended up befriending the sparrow because of one similarity : They were both longing for something far from reality.

The story
Briefly said, they met, they became friends. The sparrow whined about its "sparrow-ness". "Why was I born a sparrow?" "Why nobody ever comes to me?" "Why am I black? I want white, as doves!". Meanwhile, the eagle whined about the parakeet. "Why did it leave me?" "Did I do something wrong?" "Why had I fallen for a parakeet at the first place? I'm an eagle, why should I crave for something that weak?". Sometimes they made fun of each other with those pathetic thoughts. Most of the times, they still supported each other through the hard times though. That made them closer to each other.

The problem is...
The sparrow started to change its mind. "I don't have to be a dove to have a mate. I already have eagle. No matter what we exactly are, friends, lovers, or nothing, I'm happy that I know such a nice bird like it." But sparrow couldn't lie, birds would never be able to. Between the three bolded choices it had mentioned above, it preferred the second one. So the problem is : Did the eagle feel the same way too?

The inspiration

one midnight rambling that came up to my mind while listening to John Mayer

Sunday, 19 June 2011

pretty sure I'll always love this movie, even after the 500th day

well I don't know, I've got nothing special or anything related to this post below. I just feel like sharing one of the most inspiring movie I've ever watched. at least the most inspiring for me.

why I heart it :
1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
I don't think he's handsome nor sexy. he's just... the guy next door I'd easily fall for.

2. Zooey Deschanel
she's absolutely the type of girl I'd like myself to be. bold, free, and never realizes her appeal. I always adore someone who's gorgeous, but doesn't know that he/she is.

3. the story
broken heart. yeah it happens aaalllll the time to every single living person on earth. Tom's character in this movie is like a rough slap on my face. it was like, I had been such a believer in fairytale-ish love life, then Tom appeared on screen with his pathetic pointless struggling, then wham! I clearly understood. the lesson is, nobody says that moving on is easy, but it's NOT impossible. past love could someday come back, take you back to the sweet times you two used to have, make you blind of the way they used to hurt you, slice your heart into thin pieces (metaphorically, of course). but the thing is, hey it's already gone! it used to be sweet, but as time goes by, the sugar level decreases, replaced by pure bitterness.

tired with metaphors? I'll make it simple : only fools don't move on.

"Roses are red, violets are blue... Fuck you whore."
- Tom Hansen

"Ok, I like being on my own. I think relationships are messy and people's feeling get hurt. Who needs it? We're young, we live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world ; might as well have fun while we can and, save the serious stuff for later."
- Summer Finn

"They used to call me anal girl. I was very neat and organized."
- Summer Finn

"Just because she likes the same bizarro crap you do doesn't mean she's your soul mate."
- Rachel Hansen

Paul : "Did you bang her? What, hum job, hand job?"
Tom : "Man, no - no jobs. I'm still unemployed."

"Look, we don't have to put a label on it. That's fine, I get it. But, you know, I just... I need some consistency."
- Tom Hansen

"Well, you know, Henry Miller said the best way to get over a woman is to turn her into literature."
- McKenzie

Tom : "Nobody loves Ringo Starr."
Summer : "That's what I love about him."

"People should be able to say how they feel - how they really feel - not, you know, some words that some strangers put in their mouths."
- Tom Hansen

"There's no such thing as love, it's fantasy."
- Summer Finn

Summer : "We're just friends."
Tom : "No! Don't pull that with me! Kissing in the copy room? Holding hands in IKEA? Shower sex? Come on! Friends my balls!"

"People don't realize this, but loneliness is underrated."
- Tom Hansen

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Saturday, 18 June 2011

the tuesdays that inspire your every single day

so, I have just finished reading this.
Tuesdays With Morrie
(Mitch Albom, 2002)

it was completely based on a true story, about Mitch's relationship with Morris Schwartz or Morrie, his sociology lecturer at university. as student and teacher, they were quite close to each other. Mitch, just another ordinary grown-up boy found Morrie so inspiring. he was that type of lecturer who didn't really emphasize on academical achievements. his lesson was more about life itself. he saw everything in his very own way : optimistic, not biased by the culture and always believed in the power of love. sounds cliché, yet Morrie didn't think so. he kept on inspiring and changing people life, right until his last breath.

after his graduation, Mitch never saw Morrie again nor heard anything about him until 16 years later. he was randomly changing TV channels from one to another when he suddenly saw Morrie appearing on screen. apparently he was suffering from ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), a severe disease that attacks neurological system. soon he would lose all his neural functions, and so far there was no cure for this ALS.

most people would grieve to death until the death itself comes to them. yet Morrie remained optimistic, grateful and inspiring, though he lost one by one part of his body each day. with his remaining physical effort, he popped up with one idea : making his last thesis with Mitch, which mostly talked about life. their talk included various topics e.g. love, marriage, forgiveness, culture, and some other more. those were pretty simple, but those things Morrie spoke were the things that we forgot most often.

Morrie & Mitch
picture taken from Google

first of all I chose to bought this one (after having quite unimportant dilemma while choosing between Nicholas Sparks, Paulo Coelho, Cecelia Ahern, Khaled Hosseini, etc) because I'd already read Five People You Met In Heaven (also by Mitch Albom). I've read it for I-don't-know-how-many-times now, but I never get bored of it. it's very inspiring. that was why I decided to give another Mitch's piece another try.

and I don't regret choosing it at the first place (yes of course. why do I bother to write this long about the book if I don't even like it?). this book is amazing. good for those people who are already tired with life and all endless stress and routines. for those who've recently been quite desperate. just read this, you'll get something, depends on your own reception of course.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Cuaca Cihuy! (heavy image post)

I took a class named Pengantar Sastra Jerman (Introduction to German Literature) in the last 4th semester. and our final test was... making our own theater performance. we were given a 12-scened script (about 1hr 15 mins) titled "Prima Klima" by Fabian Scheidler. it was a role play about environmental issue, which was actually performed for children. the script was in German, then the students had to translate and adapt it by adding Indonesian culture and customs to our own-made script.

we worked with the whole production process for about 1-2 months and here's the result :
(Poster design by Lydia Putriyana)

the hectic atmosphere, several hours before the show :

and look, they turned me into...
(credit to Rizky Meilisa [right] as my Make Up Artist)

yes, the "shemale" above is me. I played as 73 yr old man. more about my role and the whole story of our performance, please kindly scroll down...

M. Irfan Wahyudi (as Jaenal) and Fadhilah Farhan (as Pak Sapei)

left : Olivia Syafitri (as Juleha)

Rinka Rima Sy and Pinka Almira Kusuma (as Pohon 1 & 2)
(they're not siblings anyway, only destiny made them met each other)

left : Widia Arianti (as Pak Abidin)

right : Syifa Arifiana (as Bu Maemunah)

left : Sanny Patrecia Simamora (as Jaki)

see the cute shiny creature on the bottom right corner?
lemme proudly introduce...
Mexican Golden Frog, our class' icon. isn't it adorable?
(eyak salah ngambil foto, jadi ketauan kan bikinnya pake pylox -__-)

well I'm normally not fond of frogs, but this Kodem (abbreviated from Kodok Emas, iye emang gak kreatif namanya) is an exception.

special performance by Claudio Ananda Putra (as Ondel-ondel Betina)
and Fandy Hakim (as Ondel-ondel Jantan) LMAO

well overall I consider the show as quite a big shot, due to the fact that almost all audiences (included lecturers, friends, juniors/seniors, and some people who actually just passed by) laughed like crazy. there were still some aspects that still need improvements, and there were also several technical errors before, during, and after the performance. but overall, I enjoyed performing this theater piece and I love working with my team. great solid teamwork but still with countless laughters that banished all the tension.

so hereby in this post, I'd like to gladly thank everyone in PSJ class B :
the whole cast
(Farhan, Widia, Rinka, Pinka, Fandy, Irfan, Syifa, Oliv, me, Sanny, Lely, Gege, Claudio)

(almost complete) production team of Cuaca Cihuy!

also bunch of thanks to everyone who had come and watched us, and for those who couldn't come but had already given their good luck wishes to us. I sincerely thank you all.

If you just found out about this theater performance and thought like "damn I wish I'd watched that!", well we have a good news for you. the details are not fixed yet, so I can't publish it now. I can hardly wait to share you the good smashing news, but once again, just wait and see... *silly wide grin*

(Photo courtesy by Lydia Putriyana & BF and Triyanisya & BF)

Sunday, 5 June 2011

there's something between us anyway

several weeks ago I was refreshing twitter timeline like zillion times, then I read a friend tweeting about this song. I randomly played their songs in my iTunes library, then from that time on, I'm falling in love (again) with Daft Punk. this song is somehow not-so-DP, the rapid beat that makes me want to move was missing there. yet I still find this song... magical.

"It might not be the right time
I might not be the right one
But there's something about us I want to say
Cause there's something between us anyway..."

Thursday, 2 June 2011

hypem newbie

just created my Hype Machine account. one good website for musical omnivores like me, who listens to almost all genres, all musicians, anything. it lets you discover new hyped music from all around the world. the easy interface makes it easy for you to play any songs you'd like to listen. a bit like, but slightly with more fun.

feel like sharing my discovered treasures :

Alex Winston - Sister Wife (Star Slinger Remix)
Austra - Lose It
Blood Orange - Dinner
Bright Eyes - Train Under Water
City And Colour - Fragile Bird
Cults - Bad Things
Cut Copy - Take Me Over (Flight Facilities Remix)
Diplo & Douster - ON!
Fitz & The Tantrums - Money Grabber
Ford & Lopatin - Emergency Room
Foster The People - Houdini
Friendly Fires - I'm Good I'm Gone (Lykke Li Cover)
Gunfight - I Would Be Your Man
Kid CuDi & Dot Da Genius - Perfect Is The Word
Seapony - Blue Star
Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (Justin Martin Edit)
The Chalets - Go Go (Don't Go)
The Drums - Me And The Moon (Clock Opera Remix)
The Heavenly States - Model Son
Tiger Love - Pussy Cocaine

directly saying, I recommend anyone to make an account here, there's like zillions of edgy, unique, tunes you'll find here.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


well, I have no urgencies to share any, since I know none of my june wish(es) will come true. none.

orighty. no space for whiny-blamy. I'm soon to be 20, that explicitly equals maturity. so that's what I'll simply do right now. don't whine, don't blame, just live with what's coming to me. because everything always happens for a reason.

as I've promised to (and demanded from) myself in the beginning of 2011, I'll arrange my resolution list before I reached this year's birthday. trying to pop up with some drafts here :

- routine sport (walk to/from campus, routine fitness at least 3x a week)
- better financial management (less unplanned hedonism, think 100000 times before buying things)
- better sleeptime management (less midnight randomness/galauness, wake up earlier)
- more committed on diet in spite of semangat 45 di awal dan peduli amat di akhir
- watch my mouth. be careful with whatever I want to say
- be more serious on work
- improve design skill and marketing knowledge
- be a better announcer. there are still lots of aspects to be polished
- find an effective way to keep my voice clean-and-clear (less sore throat/losing voice, like I'm suffering from right now)
- find other ways to fatten up my piggybank (routine saving, freelance jobs or whatever)
- quitting one specific bad habit, deadline : before graduating univ
- be more grateful, stop looking at other people's lucks longingly. I should've had my own luck already
- don't be such an stonehead, listen to my friends. they always want the best for me
- don't set my hopes too high. live realistically, without utopic optimism nor desperate pessimism
- get my driving license this year. IMPROVE DRIVING SKILL! (VERY IMPORTANT)

that's all I can sum up for now. am gonna come up with more improvements soon. right after I get my mind cleared up from these pathetic thoughts