Thursday, 29 August 2013

Love is not to obsess or to worship. The last one, better be done on the church

A friend randomly suggested me to update this. Been having no idea plus no time plus no proper wifi conn to write since the last few months.

Quick glance over myself right now : 22 already, am about to start 2nd trimester of master next week, and still (since infinity), no sign of success on diet. Blah. The word just hangs on the tongue without any realization.

There were gah-zillion conversations about love that I engaged in the past couple months. Need to highlight some of them. Both as quick reminder for myself and also a gentle slap on your face : Have you really been in the right relationship?

(read it on someone's Path post couple months ago) Forgot the whole part, but one of it says "I'm in love with you because I'm not obsessed with you." which is really, really interesting for me. Girls often mistaken obsession or for love ."Oh my goodness I love Justin! I love err-whoever-it-is-one-of-those-pretty-looking-lads! I love Harry!" (personally I love the Potter much more than the Styles, even though he's friggin fictive) anyway my point is, now look at yourself, ladies.
If you :
- think that your man has no flaws, no wrongs, anything.
- believe every single thing he said as if it were what the Bible said.
- call him more often than you sneeze in a day.
- fight damn hard to be close to him no matter how hard he tries to pull away.
... better start questioning then. Love doesn't mean keeping him all and whole only for yourself. It's not the same as worshipping, it's the thing you do in church/mosque/such. Seriously.

And another one. A friend rephrased a quote from This Means War (CMIIW, I haven't watched that as well) that was something like "When you have to choose between two, don't choose the one who just treats you better. Be with someone who makes you a better person." Meaning, if he treats you good doesn't mean that he's good for you. Are you still the same whiny, childish, selfish, pessimistic little lady just like before you met him? Then there's no point of you being with him. You don't just date him then walk together through the aisle to the altar. You walk together through each day, through each rough path and stony street. Will you make it all without you guys trying to improve each other and support each other's back?

You can listen to this, you can not. I'm not a love doctor, hell crap my love life might be even more futureless than yours. I might need more help than you do. I'm just saying things I wish I could do to fix my life, while hoping that it might help fixing yours at the same time.

P.S. : here goes my shuffled playlist while typing this
The Script - Six Degrees of Separation
Lana Del Rey - This Is What Makes Us Girls
Rihanna - Love Without Tragedy- Mother Mary
Afrojack - Montreal
Jordin Sparks ft Chris Brown - No Air
Sinik ft James Blunt - Je RĂ©alise
Asobi Seksu - Urusai Tori (acoustic)