Wednesday, 24 August 2011

it might sound cliché, but it's still true

I have this one friend whose story I feel like sharing to all of you. first of all I should make the case clear : he doesn't know that I already found out about his trouble. so I'd rather protect his identity by not telling who he is, from where I knew him, where he studies, whatever. one sure thing : he's a very good man. yea of course, I won't even bother to mumble about him at the first place if he's not.

he always puts his flat face everytime he's around. he's quite silent, whenever it comes to mocking games he's our group's best prey. no matter how mean we mock him, he would just say something like "sh*t" or "dammit" or so, try to humorously revenge us (but failed), then he would just laugh about that and forget them all.

we tease him very often "ha! weak! chicken! HA!" or sorta things like that. but today we all just knew that he had this one big burden on his shoulders since quite long time ago. he couldn't pay his tuition fee. that's it.

it was almost like thunderbolt in the middle of peaceful dewy morning for us. and then, as if that were not enough : the deadline was actually... tomorrow. his campus starts the day off from tomorrow, so I guess you know how critical the situation is. last time I heard from an anonymous source, he only got around 30% of all the amount needed, and right now, it's only 3 hours before tomorrow...

I don't know how to respond with this. the word sad, I don't think that is "proper" enough.

well I'm not that close with him actually, neither as BFF nor romantic flirty buddy. it's just that I spent quite much time with him and our other companies, that's why I can't stand the thought of losing him. he's a very good man, a good friend indeed.

once I've posted case like this, about one senior of mine in UI. yet when it happens to YOUR OWN buddy, it feels like... impossible. I never thought that his condition is actually THIS bad.

that's all. I'm spilling this all out not to hold a charity act for him or what. I let you know so that you can open your eyes and see, perhaps most of you are slightly luckier in some perspectives.

whatever your problem is, don't whine, don't complain. you are not the most miserable one.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Delima on Rayakan Indonesia!

in collaboration with Adler Projekt and lots of others tenants, I happily announce that Delima will be featured on this breakthrough, mind-blowing event :

(click to enlarge)

these are some of our items will be sold during the event, taken from the recent collection "In Touch With Borneo". won't post aallll the picts up, that way you'll have to either come directly to our booth or open our website to peek the complete post. speaking about marketing strategies...

sizes S-L are available for most items (XS and XL only for several items).
we've got enough stocks for 7 full days, but please kindly note that each items and sizes were produced in limited numbers. you'd better grab them before someone snatch it.

find the bazaar at Grand Indonesia, West Mall lv. 5 (next to Magnum Cafe). our booth is located in U-zone, right after the main entrance alongside with Adity Shoes. open daily from 10 AM - 10 PM (last transaction).

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Know Indonesia, Love Indonesia

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

found this on one of my dad's painting

"A bell is not a bell until someone rings it.
A song is not a song until someone sings it.
Love is not love until someone receives it.
Please do not bury your feelings."
(Dona - 2001, forgot the exact title of the painting)

(pardon the low-res pict. took it with phone camera)

I thought like, "What if the intended receiver doesn't want to receive the love at the first place?"
is it still love, is it not love?

well. this is nothing actually, just my random rant. don't take seriously.