Sunday, 25 March 2012

Eins, zwei, drei, vier......

..... und wir zählen ja noch weiter. ILDS!

The fire that was not that friendly, actually

7th Beatfest by UrbaniteAsia
Starring : Roman Foot Soldiers, The Magician, Friendly Fires, DJ Hogi W, plus art installation by Dana Maulana, Anton Wirjono, etc. 

Much late, this post were. Better rant less and show picts little bit more.

they threw away freebies and I got one. yipppppp

that art installation I've talked about. better check on YouTube to see why I called it awesome 

we actually planned to throw this up to stage, but it was too damn high and we couldn't reach it (though I watched from the very front row, hft). the high-nosed satpam also didn't help, he wouldn't pick this up from behind the fences. so well, plan was ruined 

lucky miss Annayu, she got the drum stick 

Oooverall, it was a great hit. Quite pleased that they put most hits on the set list (You Don't Say?), like Hawaiian Air, Live Those Days Tonight, Paris, Kiss Of Life, Jump In The Pool, Blue Cassette. They didn't have Relationships played, but that wasn't a big deal for me. Ed McFerran kept on doing that cacing kepanasan move, which was entertaining and uplifting. Magician was unexpectedly very danceable, I personally love I Don't Know What To Do and his remix of Lykke Li's I Follow Rivers.

Roman Foot Soldiers? They were even better. I played up You Make Me Feel Like Summer once when I was with my kost mates, and they thought RFS guys were foreigners instead of locals. Light tunes but also remarkably good, I could say. They surely will be bigger by time being.

There's always a 'but' in everything. The drink was way way too overpriced. Well, just like other youngsters' gigs actually, but on one other similar event they sold alcoholic bevs like half cheaper, which made me question how much their ticket income were. Besides, Friendly Fires was not that communicative (instead of the 'Friendly' word attached on the very name). Entertaining, but I didn't see any effort to blend into the crowd.

So, to sum these all up, I score this one 7,5 out of 10. Urbanite has done such splendid job by sending Friendly Fires down here. Still, for me Vampire Weekend and N.E.R.D are still the best performers I've ever watched live. Let's just wait for another better upcoming names in town.