Sunday, 19 September 2010

I'm becoming an auntie, woohoo!

remember this happy newlyweds?
(check out about their story here)

well, they're officially mom and dad now!

meet this cute offspring of theirs,
Lionel Russel Septianus.
he was born in September 17th 2010, 8.11 PM

isn't he a total cuteness?
no wonder all of his aunties love him damn much

P.S : buat Meirna & Ruben, mau dong bikinin satu lagi buat gw menyek2in

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Paulina Aquilea Felicita

today's post is specially dedicated for this pretty lady 

heyya people, meet Paulina Aquilea Felicita

she's like one of my best buds in Sanur, or in Bahasa class, to be more precise. 
and I think she has almost all of the qualities needed to be a super person

she's multitalented. she's got such a happy sweet family and a super loving BF. and don't forget the good friends around her.

she's one of my so-called partner when I did crazy reckless things in class. I have plenty of stupid videos with her on it, and I always bursted out into laughter everytime I saw them.
for some reasons, I simply won't upload the video here. too embarrassing :s

she's one of the people I ran to when I needed a wise ass to talk to. she would listen to your story carefully, and tried to ease up your burden. one of the things I like from her is her honesty. she told you anything you have to know, not only the things you want to know.
and that's why I like to talk to her. I knew she would tell me her perspective truthfully -no matter how bitter it would be-, instead of overelaborate things just to make me feel better.

Kulturfest 2008, when she won the 2nd prize for Role Play Contest

class Mass, when she acted as a slum kid.
right next to her? yea it's ME, as a tukang ojek. fascinating make up, isn't it?

Kembang Gula (school event, November 2008), she was putting some make up on Aping (and some other friends) who were gonna play as, ehm, prostitutes.

Goethe Institut Menteng, class performance for Partner-Schule event. she was the one holding a violin (apa viola? tau deh hehe :p)

okay let's just get to the main point.
today she's leaving to US to continue her study there. I've heard about this plan since long long time ago, but when I saw this text message on my cell phone :

  " Aku pergi dulu ya teman2.see next year :) i love youuuu! :D "

then I felt like, ctenggggg *backsound in my head* I won't meet her in the next one year.
well, last year she was in Taiwan, but at least I could meet her after several months. but now, she seriously won't come home until 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days... okay, getting I'm getting hyperbolic.

so I think I need to give her a proper goodbye.
ehm. what should I say. umm. okay. listen up Fel.
first of all, I don't want you to put up a face like this

put on the pretty smile we used to see!
when you feel like you wanna cry, remember that you are NOT alone. no matter how far, we'll always be there whenever you need someone to talk to. say thanks to technology!
you still have a BF who loves you damn much

... and also bunch of friends who think that you're special

just think at the good side! you're studying in a country with great universities spreading everywhere. and you're taking the major you love (language or culture something, am I right?) and I really ENVY you for that. seriously. doain ya someday gw bisa nyusul ambil European Studies AMIINNN!

anyways, all you have to do there is study well (yea of course), make your parents and your BF and all of us proud. you've got the power to be super. and I'm not being lebay, I seriously mean it. whenever you feel like missing Jakarta, just turn on your Skype (or at least find a Wi-Fi for your iPod and sign in to your Twitter! hehe).

well. dunno what else to say. maybe I'll just say it right to you as soon as you're online. just enjoy your new life there, and remember that Kebab's will always  be happy to see you back. We love you <3

Saturday, 11 September 2010

one Lebaran celebration by someone who doesn't celebrate it

somehow 2010 feels quite different. the streets are still crowded and so are malls, unlike 2009 when I could feel as if the city was mine (I even only needed 30 mins from Bekasi to Central Jkt!).

now? the crowd doesn't seem to increase. everywhere I went today I saw soooooo many many people. like, MANY of them. I just thought, what's with the word MUDIK? don't 2010 people have it on their dictionary? geez.

sorry for my random rambling. I'll just share my own Lebaran day out (not that I'm celebrating it, but I just feel like joining the cheerio out there :B)

1st stop : Grandpa's House - Bintaro
actually he's not literally my "grandpa". he's a little brother of my deceased grandpa and he lives with his younger sister. both of them are unmarried and live only by two. anw, I call them Opa Min and Oma Njoen.

shortly described, they are so western minded and speak fluent Dutch. sometimes they spoke in Dutch and I couldn't understand anything, unless it sounds a bit like German.

personally, I think they're nice. but I can't stand it everytime Oma starts her "kultum" (that's the way we call her unstoppable speech about how we have to live, how we have to behave, how we have to dress up, bla bla bla).
sorry Oma, I yawn everytime you talked, but doesn't mean I don't love you. hou van jou zoveel Oma Opa :*

took some pictures to reduce my boredom there :

tried to read their Belgian newspaper (I don't even know how they got it), and could only understand one or two words. yea, Dutch is definitely NOT in my blood
(click to enlarge, in case you major Dutch Literature and wanna read it too :D)

if you can see the background, it was my mom talking with Oma. and Opa was in the right.
FYI, daddy's cheek are still severely swollen, so he uses mask everywhere he goes.

today's treat : Belgian Chocolate!
(padahal di Indo juga ada sih -___-")

2nd stop : Grand Indonesia
now GI seems to be my 3rd house, comes after Gading on the 2nd place.

filled up our tummy @ La Porchetta. if I may give a review : nothing's special with the whole resto,  just plainly good.

my all time favorite dish : Caesar Salad. nyam

I was eyeing on Archie's Salmon Salsa Fettuccine. looked so scrumptious

zoomed in. bener2 bikin ngiler ya Tuhaaannn

then went up to Blitz and watched Grown Ups. and it was SUPER. I've never seen mom and dad laughing so hard before. dad even forgot his swollen cheek. he laughed so hard, well, too hard. his entire mouth felt damn hurts after that.  well well...

if one of you feel like watching it, don't hesitate to ask me! I don't mind to dig in my wallet again, the whole movie worths it.

3rd stop : Merlynn Park Hotel - somewhere around Central Jkt
my auntie and his husband from Semarang were coming over here. so we paid a short visit, had some chit chat. then left the hotel around 12 AM, exactly at midnight.

after bought something for tomorrow's breakfast, finally we can drove back home and I can hit my bed again and share all these to you!

so that's how my story ends. see you very soon, as soon as I've got something to share.

and before it's too damn late, I would like to say:


Tuesday, 7 September 2010

tak ada teman seaneh Zahra Syafira

Kost room, Monday Sept 6th around 4-5 PM
Me : Fir siapa yang sakit?

Fira : Bagus.

Me : Bagus sakit apa?

Fira : Duh Bagus tuh kasian banget deh yuk. Jadi gini, kan dia suka sama cewek tuh. Dia udah berubah banget supaya tu cewek suka sama dia, sekarang jadi lurus, udah berhenti ngerokok.

Me : Ooo yang dia berhenti ngerokok tuh gara2 cewek? Astaga sampe segitunya dah.

Fira : Iya yuk, pokoknya dia udah berkorban banyak banget demi ini cewek. Ampe dibeliin boneka setinggi pinggang segala yuk.

Me : Gila kurang gede. Terus nih cewek gasuka sama dia gitu?

Fira : Iyaaaa cewek ini temennya Anhar kan ya. Dia bilang ke Anhar pertamanya suka sama Bagus, terus lama2 jadi males. Terus Bagus patah hati deh.

Me : Jadi Bagus sampe sakit gara2 patah hati? Gila.

Fira : Bukan, kakinya yang sakit.

Me : Loh? Sakit kenapa?

Fira : KUKUNYA COPOT. Diinjek adeknya terus disengkat. Terus kukunya 5 biji copot semua.

Me : Terus hubungannya sama patah hati apaan?

Fira : GAK ADA.

Me : ............................. GOBLOK.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

term 3 : need to stop playing around

yap, 3rd term of univ was already started last Monday. I only need a week to conclude that the next 4 months WON'T BE DAMN EASY.

got harder subjects, more killer lecties, less free time, less gabut mates in class. well, as I've said above, that won't be easy. I'll need to fight hard, maybe far harder than Jaden Smith @ Karate Kid? okay, lame joke.

gonna need all of my spirit, all of my luck stock, and millions of prayers from you people.

let's just struggle for our own better future, heaaahhhh!
*tighten up my headband, pull up my sleeve, take my nerd glasses, and whoosh off to studyland!*

see you when I see you, as soon as I've got time (and internet connection).