Monday, 29 November 2010

little sneak peek of what we did in German Dept



          Das Ministerium für Bildung Indonesiens hat schon lange versucht, um das Interesse am Lesen bei Kindern einzuträufeln, entweder durch Schulhefte oder Märchenbücher. Märchen wird als eine der wirksamsten Medien gegolten, beide ausländische Märchen und traditionelle wie z.B. Jaka Tarub, Timun Mas, usw. Man denkt, dass sie nützlich für Kindererziehung und Kulturschutz sind. Aber es gibt eine Frage : sind alle Aspekte darin wirklich erzieherisch?

          Wenn wir den Inhalt dieser Märchen tiefer beobachten, können wir dann versteckte negative Elemente finden. Als ein Beispiel nennen wir ,,Bawang Merah Bawang Putih”, die fast gleich wie ,,Cinderella” oder ,,Aschenputtel” ist. Dieses indonesisches Märchen ist über ein Mädchen, das immer von seiner Stiefmutter und Stiefschwester gefoltert wurde. Deswegen denken die Kinder, dass alle Stiefmütter grausam sind. Leider vorliegt diese falsche Meinung bis heute. Eigentlich sollen minderjährige Kinder diese Gewaltelemente vermeiden, aber diese negative Elemente gibt es in den Märchen, die in Wirklichkeit am gelesenste bei fast allen Kindern der Welt sind. Ironisch und widersprüchlich, kann man das sagen.

          Die Eltern müssen dann mehr aufpassen, doch traditionelle Märchen ganz vergessen ist nicht empfehlenswert. Es ist besser, wenn Eltern ihre Kinder beim Lesen begleiten. Kinder hat die Tendenz, um alle, die sie gelesen haben, zu glauben. Die Eltern müssen erklären, dass es nur eine fictive Geschichte ist und die Kinder keine Negative in der Geschichte machen dürfen.

Translation :


          The Ministry of Education in Indonesia has tried since long time ago to infiltrate children's mind with interest for reading, both from textbooks at school or story books. And fairy tale is considered as the most effective way, no matter the traditional or foreign ones. Many people believe that it is useful to educate the children and also preserving traditional culture. But there's one important question : are every single aspects in fairy tales really educative or not?

          We can find some negative aspects when we pay more attention to the whole content. Name "Bawang Merah Bawang Putih" (almost similar to Cinderella or "Aschenputtel" in German version) as an example. The story was about a girl, who was always heartlessly tortured by her stepmother and stepsister. Therefore children would have the paradigm that all stepmothers are cruel. Unfortunately this false pretense remains until today. Theroritically speaking, we have to keep underaged children away from these violent aspects. But the fact is : those violence exist secretly inside fairy tales, which children read the most frequently. Ironic and contradictory, I can say.

          That is simply why parents have to be more careful. But still, completely forgetting traditional folklore is clearly not recommended. Kids have the tendency to imitate everything they read, so it would be better if parents accompany their children while reading, thus they will get the help to differentiate, which ones are good and which ones are not.

(November 29th 2010, copyright by Yuke Adora Iskandar

made for Schriftlicher Ausdruck assignment.)

Sunday, 21 November 2010

scissors and white pencil, let your brain and hand do the rest

after this impulsive project :



I was just done with another one, upon my sister's request.
this time I attached the step-by-step picts, feel free to make it yourself :)

1. mark the parts that you want to cut, use either white pencil or tip-ex.
(the last one isn't quite recommended. I did it to my tee and the tip-ex couldn't be washed like, at all)

2. use some needles if you'd like to. then start cutting those marks

and this is the final result, voilá!

try it yourself, much more fun than it might appear.
FYI, I only spent IDR 30.000 for the tee. you can also use an old shirt, in case you need to cut out some expenses.
good luck!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

myTunes 11.0

"Do you ever feel already buried deep?
6 feet under screams but no one seems to hear a thing
Do you know that there's still a chance for you
'Cause there's a spark in you
You just gotta ignite the light and make it shine
Just own the night like the 4th of July..."
(Katy Perry - Firework)

"There aren't many more ways
In words that I can say
So I'll just say it numerically
From my heart to you 143..."
(Musiq Soulchild - 143)

"My baby I love you so
It's forever you and I
I love you, oh I love you so
It's forever you and I..."
(Wilber Pan - Bu De Bu Ai)

"Why can't he give her his love, no more again?
Tears on her face and the dove, she cries, she knows...
She won't be able to fly away from him
She looks at red roses in spring
Now she won't be able to sing the song of love ..."
(Moony - Dove (I'll Be Loving You))

"I feel the sun creepin' up like tick tock
I'm trying to keep you in my head
But if not
We'll just keep running from tomorrow
With our lips locked
Yeah you've got me begging, begging
Baby please don't go ..."
(Mike Posner - Please Don't Go)

"I wanna breeze and an opened mind
I wanna swim in the ocean
Wanna take my time for me
All me ...
So maybe tomorrow
I'll find my way home ..."
(Stereophonics - Maybe Tomorrow)

"Sometimes I wanna give you all the love that I have
"Cause when you smile it seems all problems are vanished to the sky
Oh I was thinking, why I need you more?
Why I need you more?"
(Risin Black Hole - Think Of Love)

" Yeah I've been gone for so long
But did you miss me, home all by yourself?
Could you wait to kiss me
Or did you find somebody else?
When you got lonely
Was I always on your mind?
Still the one and only ..."
(Tortured Soul - Did You Miss Me)

"But I've got this thing
Girl I wanted to say to you
Talullah, I'm still missing you
Baby can't you stop that plane, turn it around
I still love you babe
Tell the captain that I'm to blame
I'm to blame ..."
(Jamiroquai - Talullah)

"Our love was lost
But now we found it
And if you flash your heart, your heart
I won't deny it
I promise ..."
(The Temper Trap - Love Lost)

"Who cares if you disagree?
You are not me
Who made you king of anything?
So you dare tell me who to be
Who died and make you king of anything?"
(Sara Bareilles - King Of Anything)

"Qui dit proches te dis deuils car les problemès ne viennent pas seul
Qui dit crise te dit monde, dit famine dit tiers-monde
Qui dit fatigue dir réveille encore sourd de la veille
Alors on sort pour oublier tous les problemès
Alors on danse..."
(Stromae - Alors On Danse)

"She's all laid up in bed with a broken heart
While I'm drinking Jack all alone in my local bar
And we don't know how
How we got into this mad situation
Only doing things out frustration
Trying to make it work
But man these times are hard ..."
(The Script - For The First Time)

"Son las cinco de la mañana
Y no puedo dormir
No mas pensando en como estar junto a ti
Me siento inutil sin ti
No se que voy hacer si no estás aqui ...
Amor, no es amor
Es una ilusión, tan llena de dolor ..."
(Frankie J - Obsession Spanish Version)

"There's this girl
The one and only wonder of this world
And it don't matter if the road gets rough
If me rich or poor
She stay down with me if me go to war..."
(Laza Morgan - This Girl)

(Mom & Dad's room, 2.36 AM, almost finish my paper for tomorrow's presentation and am about to explode in any second)

Sunday, 7 November 2010

when an ultimate procrastinator is speaking...

so, here's the situation :
it was 12.21 AM when I started typing this. I was currently working on an assignment, approx. 250 words (yea yea 250 words sound easy, but seriously, it would just be easier if NOT IN GERMAN).

I already have all these cursing words on the top of my lips. but later on I thought : "You're majoring German Lit. What does a lit student do? Read a lot, write a lot, speak a lot. So who's to blame? No one but YOU, for choosing lit at the first place." so that was all, tried to stop being lil miss grumpy.

but still, only motivation was NOT enough. couldn't find any idea even for the first paragraph, then ended up stumbling upon random blogs. mostly belongs to my friends, the others to fashion bloggers and a friend of my friend, and even someone I don't know at all (that's why I call it random).

those fashion blogs, surely they were all about looks and labels. just something I need to refresh these eyes. the others', mostly I saw daily experiences, personal thoughts, weird stuffs, or any random infos they felt like sharing.

and you know what subject I found like, almost in all blogs?
LOVE, more specific, BROKEN HEARTS.
cliché, but hey, I also have that one phrase in one of my life chapters. so I don't have to feel guilty being so galau or labil, or should I?

you see, people around my age blogged and typed about love life. about someone they had a crush on, how they fell in love each other and started going out together as a real-deal couple, the sweet memories, their anniversaries, then came the bitter parts, and finally... the break-up. the whole pattern just won't change.

now you see mine, I rarely type about love. simply because nothing happens. love department is now totally vacant, no activities, no business, no CEO. it's just... well, nothing describes it better than empty.

sometimes I miss that old sweet feeling, like having butterflies down there in your tummy. (sure I do, don't you think I'll always be that happy-go-lucky person you see. I might be even softer than clouds in my galau times, blah)
but mostly I heard stories like these :

"BT ah, lagi berantem. Cowok gw lagi ngambek."
"Gw sebel apaan tuh dia wall2an sama cewek pake kangen2an, ini daritadi gw BBM aja gak dibales2."
"Duh laper sih, tapi gw gak makan deh. Lagi ngirit, mau nabung beli kado buat cowok gw."
"Aaahh gw kangen cowok gw... Kenapa mesti LDR sih sucks banget ah"
"Gw bosen pengen putus, tapi dianya ngotot gamau. Mesti gw gimanain nih?"

yea those were the devastating side of being in a relationship. but you can't have love without leaving them, it's a package deal.
and I miss the word love, complete with all the side dish and complimentaries.
what I really mean is : I miss having someone who texted and call me every night, someone I could call sayang or babe or what, someone I could miss, someone I could think of, someone to accompany me on my gabut weekends, someone I could take care of.
and I even miss the fights, all those unimportant small fights just because he didn't reply my message, he talked a lot about another girl, he came too late whenever we had an appointment, and so on and so on. sounds total silly, but I can't just pretend that I'm strong and say out loud : "Hey I'm single and don't need any man, never!" no, that's not me. at all.

fine. been so long since the last time I was deeply in love. been not too long since the last time I thought about someone else. and another "someone else", and other one, and other one.

so what am I doing now? 
I'm waiting.

most people said : "You've been single since last year, for God's sake. Why should you wait any longer? Now you go grab someone new and say that you love him!"

well, here's my analogy :
imagine you're eating in a fancy French resto. you order a steak, and the waiter asks you to wait. you have to wait soooo very much super long time, but as the steak is done, all the waiting worths it. the chef just needed more time to cook your steak and make it flawless and good.

now you apply it in my case. I make myself believe that the longer I wait, the better man I will get. maybe now he's still on progress, God's still fixing up some things in him. but as soon as he's fixed, he'll come to me on a day I never expected and I'll see him on all his perfection. ta-daahhh, love's in the air again.

got it?

so, if you are single, desperately wants a lover, and you just read this, lemme tell you :

"A perfect lover for you is on the making. All you have to do is being patient. Sit down, relax, and wait until the time comes."

for now, I'll just keep my love for myself, friends, broadcasting life, Manchester United, and also my university life. included my unfinished essay.