Thursday, 9 February 2012


I postponed writing about Frau Yustin simply because I still can't believe that she's already gone. I hope that was just a strong dream that deceived my brain or something like that. Now, we have to lose another great figure. Feels like getting a double slap right on my cheek. Nobody knows what happens tomorrow.......

Well. Maybe God has a better plan for her, and for us all. That's why He took her to join him in Heaven Club ;)

Angelina Yofanka
(July 1992 - February 2012)

I can't say that she was my best friend, but I did spend much time and have bunch memories with this pretty carefree lady. As much as I could remember, she lived her life to the fullest. Going to places people rarely imagine with ways that people would rarely do. She had her own point of view which was sometimes silly, but simply true. She was brave and tough, behind her pretty face and her supermodel figure (she was so tall I often asked her to be model or something like that) she was strong enough to conquer Jakarta's bronx corners, mountains, villages, anything.

I learned a lot from her. Through her wide smile, I learned that beauty comes from the inside, not from anything you wear or you could afford.
I learned that good clothes don't always equal stacks of money. I remembered everytime we went to a 17th bday party, she proudly told me how much her dress would cost. Like, only IDR 12k or so and she already looked fab.
I learned to be an independent kid, not to depend on someone or something else. She taught me how to ride a bus straight from school to home. She endorsed me to take public transportations and kept me safe when I fell asleep during the ride. Without her, maybe now I'm still a spoiled anti-bus brat.
I learned that there's too much to see in this world. She inspired me to wander around, to be outdoor and explore any places you'd like. Because your world is much bigger than you always thought.
I learned to live happily, and be grateful for everything you have for now. She didn't have all things that people dreamed, but she never complained. Maybe that was why she never left that unique, unforgettable smile.

And 'course I didn't forget those silly memories I had with her. Wandering around Kota Tua while waiting for my dad to pick us up. Her super funny expression when she found out that my car had somekind of glass roof (I remembered she couldn't stop opening and closing the glass, over and over again). On junior high school, the very first time I got to know her better. We were in the same class for UAS bimbel, and all we did in class was just fooling around. Then that whole year as Sanur FM crew, broadcasting at Trax then ate out at McD Sarinah while gossiping about boys. And also, I clearly remembered that she was one of those who tried to matchmake me with my previous ex. Well, there were too many things I'd like to recall and type, but I simply can't.

The last time I saw her was June 2009, on graduation night. From that time on I never had the chance to meet her again. It was like, whenever she was home (in Bekasi) I could never spare at least a day to see her. That happened again and again until now. I could never had those silly talks again. Damn, I can't hold my tears....... Sorry fan :"(

You went away too soon, seriously. But well, I guess you deserve a better place up there. I'll always remember you, a tough young lady, a pretty woman in the making, an adventurer, a natural-born photographer, a great designer, an imaginative dreamer, a great friend, a very good person.

See you when I see you fan :) Save me a seat in heaven, kay?