Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Let's share then

5 days left before leaving 2012.

For most human being, it's quite an obligation to arrange a next-year resolution. Some really see it as a parameter to slide smoothly through the upcoming year. Some just think about it as nothing more than a routine. Some simply post one to follow everyone else. How about you then?

Me? Well I've tried many times to no avail. Every December of every year I ended up reading at the list I had composed before and felt like, hm, did I ever promised that? So, otherwise, I prefer making some recaps of what happened during the whole year, how far I had reached, and who influenced me pretty much on what.

This year's is gonna be long, I can assure myself even before I start typing. As a pro procrastinator-slash-devoted-deadliner, I presumed that I still have 5 days to share you my rants. While I compose one (after finishing some works left from univ) why don't you compose yours then we can share each other?

Because that's the main point of being human : always to share and to care.

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