Sunday, 16 December 2012

You may weep, but how can you see with your eyes closed?

Every single human being must have at least one moment in life when they feel like things are going totally wrong.
Am I having one right now?

Nope. I know nothing in life is wrong. If it is, maybe you just don't see the lesson beneath. Or at least not yet.
Do I?

I believe (well, I try to, better said) that we all met for reasons. There are reasons why moments happened, why you were connected with some particular souls, and why some of them were taken away from you. Of course you may weep, but how can you see matters with your eyes closed?

We have eyelids so that these eyes can take some rest, can ignore anything lies ahead, can clean up dirts in order to see clearer. But you see, they are not meant to be shut closed all the time. At least not before you head up to papa Lord's residence.

You can cry. You can deny those unwanted things happening to you. You can choose not to believe what you see. But it won't last. One day, you'll have to face them. It might hurt, it might suck, but at least, finally you can see.

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